Should We Take Inspiration From Vikings?


My amazon prime account is expiring within a month. I don’t really like to binge watch television series, however, there is one that I have made an exception for, the MGM show Vikings. Maybe I am a sucker for historical fiction. I probably like the actionable advice presented in the show.

What Actionable Advice are you talking about?

For you TL;DR’s

· They created Win-win Scenarios.

War is hell. Especially back in those times. Death was far from painless. A small cut or scratch on the battlefield would easily become infected and death would occur shortly thereafter. However, despite those terrifying variables why did the Vikings engage in warfare so frequently. First and foremost necessity. With limited arable land, and a diet of fish they wanted to expand. Secondly battle was right of passage. Not only from boyhood to manhood, but also from mortal to immortal life. Thus defining the Win-Win Scenario I mentioned earlier. If they succeeded in battle they won the spoils of war. If they lost they would be granted access into Valhalla. Where they can fight, drink, and be merry.

Why we should create Win-Win scenarios.

We all have fear. Sometimes it is irrational, such as talking to a pretty girl, or clowns. Other times it is rational such as heights, or bees. The key of fear is it is a survival technique. It keeps you from dying. Yet also it keeps you from living. I am petrified of talking to pretty girls. When I glance at them a dialogue begins about how I am not good enough for them. I start setting myself up for failure without knowledge. I fear the rejection. I hope I am not alone in this. I was walking on the beach this past week, a girl caught my eye. Cue the self-doubt and lack of confidence inner thoughts. Before I let those thoughts lead me astray, I acknowledge that they are just thoughts. And drafted a Valhalla Strategy. If she rejected me, then I died in battle. I can take what I learned from that experience and fight on. Conversely, if she did not reject me I gained insight that no matter our appearance we are all people and we enjoy company. I shut those thoughts of fear down and walked right up to her. I took a seat next to her and we shared that afternoon on the beach, learning about a stranger. A Valhalla Strategy means you Win no matter the outcome. In other words either you Win or you learn.

Go for it. Whatever you want to do it. If you are rejected, you were slain in battle and thus can live forever in the halls of Valhalla. If you survive your life becomes far greater than what you previously imagined.

Speaking of which I’ve got some swords to clash and shields to break.

And as always.

Hang Tough

Live Boldly