Sun Seekers Part 2

The Sun Seekers Part 2.

Clark Ciscoe was undoubtedly a contagious soul. His stationary roots in the outskirts of a railroad town sprang loose when the train yard closed. A wayward path of drifting took hold of him. He started Northwest until he hit the coast. The long stretches of untamed rock and surf poked a million times by those massive pines, did well for Clark.

Once he found work in all the wrong places. The transfer yard for the garbage of a big city. It was loud, smelled like you would imagine. A pungent odor that kept you at the pinnacle of gagging and breathing. Yet, the co-workers made up for the lonely small town kid. Or so he thought.

They were quick to become his adopted family. Family barbecues and beer nights after 12-hour shift became rather routine. Ciscoe grew comfortable. The months of sleeping on park benches finally came to an end. He saved up enough to get a real roof over his head. It was a tiny converted broom closet on the fifth floor of an antiquated Mason building. There was no window to peer down to the never sleeping city street, only a single bulb center on the ceiling.

The room was obviously illegal, but so was trespassing on public property. One was more comfortable though.

When the alcohol, started becoming a byproduct of a cocaine usage things got tricky.

The trust between the garbage sorters started to evaporate. Personal belongings started disappearing. It didn’t matter as long as they could keep the snow flowing. When the storm finally ended, Clark was at the receiving end of allegations. Last hired, first fired. In terms of trust and loyalty. Also, it didn’t help Clark’s situation because he would be the most to gain by theft. When you don’t have a lot of stuff, anything is better. It was obvious that they all were stealing from each other. This would have been fine if they didn’t work in the same place and operate heavy machinery. Clark, Malik, and Luis showed up to the waste station hung over and on edge. The tension was thick and aggressive the slightest stressors pushed them into profanity tantrums. Clark and Luis were sorting through the last filter of the trash. A screeching sound ripped through their ear protection. The masticator was jammed.

Trash started to pile up into a mountain behind the two workers.

“One of us has to pull the brake and the other has to pull the jam out!” Luis yelled.

One option was definitely safer. Neither man wanted to reach between the hydraulically powered jaws. All the while they were becoming trapped. Malik hadn’t noticed their plight and kept the treadmill running.

“Fine, I’ll DO IT!” Luis said.

Clark went to the control panel and popped the cover open.

“You ready?” Clark yelled.

“Yeah. 3,2,1.” Luis replied.

It was a single piece of rebar wedged in the crevice of the masticator. It wasn’t deep but if the machine were to start while Luis was grabbing it he would lose his arm up to his shoulder.

Ciscoe cut the power and pulled the emergency brake. The noisy machine suddenly became quiet. Luis bent down and reached for the obstruction.

“Ok, I got it!” Luis said.

With the trash piling up behind them a broken maple table slid towards Ciscoe. He ducked out of the way but the table rammed against the control panel. Within seconds the masticator slammed back into motion. The closing jaws created a puff of air Luis felt on his finger tips. He had kept his arm.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” Cursed Luis.

“The table almost fucken hit me. It wasn’t my fault.” Clark retaliated.

“Bullshit! You fucken want to kill me so you can keep my stuff! You free loader! Get the fuck out of here! I never want to see your face again! If I do I am going to throw you in!” Luis was foaming at the mouth when he said this.

“Fine, and fuck you too!” Clark responded.

The two stormed off and went separate ways.

Finally, Malik, dropped down from the control panel and asked: “What happened with you two?”

“The fucker threw a table at the control panel, trying to kill me and make it look like an accident.” Luis said.

“OH! Maybe I should have turned the treadmill off.” Malik said shunning his responsibility.

Damage done though, Clark was already home packing his belongings and going back to the road.

Footnote. I am obviously shooting from the hip here. I am adding a little bit of back story to the main character Clark Ciscoe. I want to really illustrate how he has been rejected numerous times and all by accounts for reasons that weren’t his fault. Further demonstrating how he will come to resent people for excluding him.

Obviously, there is a lot of working parts here. I have Clark’s past which is his homelessness drifting, his present which will be him in the dream world, and his future of him coming to that final decision of self-sacrifice or extreme selfishness.

I thought of a plot devices to time them all together.

For his past I will introduce a dog that will be his best companion.

For his present I want to make it lavish, women and the yacht he is navigating.

For his future a space suit, and his dialogue with the ship’s computer telling him how the powers that be were covertly killing society’s undesireable’s.

Well, that’s the macro plan at least for the novel. However, as we see by today’s ponderings into Clark’s past things can pop out of thin air which may be hard to tie to movement of the story.

I hit my words for today. I appreciate you.

I must go though.

As always,

Hang Tough,

Be Bold,

Live Creatively

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