The Power of Pursuing Yourself

The Power of Pursuing Yourself.

Alright ladies and gentlemen,

Cross your arms across your chest and grab the back part of your shoulder.

You just gave yourself a hug.


Cause you are awesome.

Now please be aware, I am not propagating mindless arrogance.

We all can be our own worst critics.


What I am saying is that when we put a value on ourselves and the time we have we become better people. Better people who live fulfilling lives who have so much to give to the world. We will become the content creators instead of the mindless content consumers.

Well, that’s not guaranteed.

What is guaranteed is when you rest your head and you did your best, you empty out any regrets you might have.

Why am I saying this?

Because I was stood up.

Modern dating is like that, real frivolous and non-committal. Instead of sauntering around in the cold space of rejection I took the time to focus on making me better.

Maybe it is vanity. However, the benefits of physical activity have been shown to do wonders for the mind and spirit. So that’s what I did. I went for my run and huffed and puffed, my way around the suburban track where I live.

Another thing to consider. Is any investment in yourself will pay dividends later. If you can stand on your own two feet, you are strong.

Sundays are the best days. You worked hard all week, and Sundays are the best day to prep for what’s to come. The sun came and went and now the evening sky is upon us.

I’ve got a show at 9.

It feels like I’ve punched all the right boxes for today. I am rested, tested, and ready for what’s to come.

That’s the post endorphins talking.

Long story short, never chase girls or dreams, chase goals.

Start small, build bigger each day.

Be grateful.

Everything will rectify itself in the end.

How else should I fill this space?

By writing down the first thing that comes to my mind.

1) I saw a biker give a guitarist a beer.
The corner wine and beer bar dimmed their lights and let a rock band do their thing. The Thin Lines is a quartet of talented musicians. Their sound resonates from Texas blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Well SRV is the lead guitarist’s favorite musician which translates to a lot of 12th frett jams. The guitarist jammed hard and interacted with the crowd. The crowd was pleased. A biker in a black leather cut, Ugly Brothers embroidered on the back, took his can of Coors light and pressed it to the guitarist’s lips. Twas a good sight to see. 
2)Why do people squat in running shoes?
LA fitness is not the mecca. It certainly isn’t a top tier powerlifting facility. It’s just a place where people can come and throw weights around. Throwing weights around is never effective and even less safe. Thus is why I propose a gym where personal trainers are not compensated by the number of clients they have, but instead the number of people they can help, i.e. coach for better form and such. I am guilty of bad form as well. 
3) What is the right way to start a conversation? Not hard a simple introduction works wonders. What doesn’t work is not committing to the conversation. Be engaging. Stand up tall use correct posture. If you are in the western world keep eye contact. 
Smile more, worry less. Take those chances, because maybe that will lead to a better day. I didn’t do this because I have a cold sore coming on and that just makes me feel dirty. Life with herpes I guess.
4) How could I make this day better? Playing a really great show and eating a lot of food. Simple as that. Well, wait there, rusty. That sounds pretty selfish. How do you playing music and eating food make the world a better place? Because music connects with people in a way that can release dopamine and other feel-good neurotransmitters. I need to eat because nourishment is crucial to survival, something I want to keep on doing. Alright fine, you got it figured out. How about if given the opportunity to help a stranger, or wish them a positive life.

That is definitely doable.

Excellent bro. You’ve got this you stud you.

Remember chase your goals, not girls or guys. At the end of the day those girls or guys can walk out on you, but the goals you conquered can only make you better.

With that, I bid you a good night and a healthy tomorrow.

Live boldly,

Smile often,

Hang Tough.

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