They don’t believe us.

He made $32,000 in two months! That is roughly sixteen thousand dollars a month. If he did that for 12 months, he would make 192,000 dollars a year!

I set up youtube to certain music, to help me create these words. Using youtube for music is incredible, especially if you find those solid ten hour mixes. However, once in a while, you do get blasted with advertisements. The opening words were that of Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez is right about people not believing him, how the cynics disbelieve such wealth creation. However, their disbelief is validated. Because if you read the small print of the agreement for whatever service or education Tai is providing, it will say “Results not typical. Tai Lopez does not guarantee such any financial outcomes.” Or something along those lines. I am not a lawyer.

Why he is doing that is the shock and awe effect, to intrigue people into at least checking out his product. If you spam the market enough, the law of diminishing returns favors your efforts.

Now I should say that I am biased towards Tai. I did half way complete his 67 steps program. Great source of information, but very little coaching. One of the things it did do for me made me realize I was doing things wrong. I thought reading was for chumps and had no value in the modern world. I love reading, and I love words.

Which is why I do what I do. I write. I explore my soul and expunge myself upon the blank screen.

I am often reflective about what younger Adam would say to current Adam. Unfortunately, that dialogue is not viable, because younger me was stir crazy and easily distracted. I wonder how he would see me working at a 24-hour fitness. He would scoff and say that is a man who gave up on life. This is the one time I can turn around and ask him “What are you doing to prevent this outcome?” He would quickly retort back and say “I Uhh am uhh getting a government job, be it the Navy or CHP. I just need to get in, and I will be fine.”

“You are right. If you get in you will be fine. Just got to get in. How are you going to get in?”

“I uhh apply and hope on a snowball’s chance in hell I get selected.”

“Sounds like quite the strategy! You arrogant prick! What I can say about working at the gym, is I did it myself, I put the effort in and proved myself I could do it. Albeit it was not the hardest test in the world. I achieved the outcome I wanted by studying for it.”

Which is why I do this daily practice of writing. It is not for anyone else but future me. It is a gift to the future me to say I’ve crossed the threshold of 10,000 hours and I am a master craftsman of words. Or at least I can have a record of my thoughts and ideas.

From those ideas, who knows what can come forward.

I forever will be the unorthodox dreamer, with things that seem just beyond my reach. As of right now, a life of self-made luxury is just beyond my reach.

The duality of a man lost in thoughts, and impulsive action.

We all want the easy switch. We all want things just to happen to us. If that were the case no one would appreciate it. It is the quest that makes the man. Not the destination.

Life is good. If you make it so.

Never forget that the fact that you can type these words, is amazing. Some people never conjure up an original thought; fewer still act upon those thoughts.

This is all self-talk to help me cope with the fact that I do not have a lot of material things and find myself wanting. I bought an immaterial thing that costs me more than something I could use daily.

I took a chance and am suffering the consequences of “fixing myself.” Am I better than I was before? I can not answer that question. I can compare myself to the circle of friends I had before. A group that fled from reality as often as possible to chase the illusions of disenfranchisement. Now I’ve got friends that are based more in the present who are more financially affluent.

Life is good. I just got to keep reminding myself that.

and as always,

Be Bold,

Hang Tough,

Never EVER Give UP!