Travel Every Where at the Same Time

Is it good?


You do not have enough energy to transverse every plane.

Why do we do it though?

I struggle with this. I think that I can do everything. It might be the youthful naivety or blissful ignorance.

If you have more than three things, you don’t have a plan at all.

What is one thing you could focus on and accomplish?

When you are being pulled in thirty directions at once being still becomes the most apparent place of rest.

We are all being pulled every which way.

It is just the intricacies of life.

Being good/great at something takes time. I just want it now. It is the duration of that proficiency which breeds self-doubt. If your focus was to become narrow, it is easier to see the destination.

In other words, simplify your life.

Having a myriad of influences is easy to obtain, download the newest app, be social, are ways to increase your sources of distraction.

I am just slinging words at this point. I have no rhythm or rhyme as to the direction of this, but better out than in I suppose.

The “Artist’s Way” describes the importance of seven hundred and fifty words as a place to purge your mind of whatever is on the surface, especially if done in freehand and in the morning.

I like doing it a little bit differently. I appreciate doing it on the computer because my handwriting is a mess and I like the exposure.

The exposure aspect is trivial.


Because no one likes going to the dentist.

This is because when we open ourselves up to a professional, the shortcomings of our habits become apparent.

Floss more.

Also if there isn’t a certain level of pleasure or recreation to the things you regularly do you will stop doing them.

Much like the writing, I’ve neglected, or the times I’ve gone to bed with a mouth full of germs.

When all else fails, fail some more.

I am addicted to things.

I am addicted to online social interactions, i.e., Reddit.

I appreciate the originality of people commenting on things. Or the observational enjoyment of mindlessly scrolling. It is an addiction because it has become a habit. I wake up lay in bed and watch the world go by on my cell phone screen.

One good thing that comes from writing is the level of transparency with myself. Verbalizing or contextualizing what you do is a method making it apparent.

These are my thoughts, and these are my words.

I just spoke of the benefits of doing this, however, if I am only speaking to an audience of myself what is the good that will come from it?

Is it another exercise in futility?

In a sense, life is just that an exercise in futility.

The movers and the shakers will contribute and do the things they’re supposed to. Why trouble yourself with aspiring to be better than the minimum wage mindset?

There are plenty of reasons why thinking small is a hindrance. First and foremost the phrase “Nothing will change unless a person like you cares an awful lot.” Secondly, we are given a huge blessing or opportunity with this thing called life, trying is the least thing you can do.

One of the last things to conquer the minimum wage mindset is the question “Why can’t you be a mover and shaker?”

If you rationalize your way to answer that question with excuses, you are limiting yourself.

I do it all the time.

Excuses can be. “I haven’t been a winner before, why would it change now?” Or maybe “I am not smart enough.” “I am not creative.” “I like where I am at” “I don’t want to cause trouble.” “I don’t want to rock the boat.”

Well, thankfully I hide behind a keyboard and relate these grand ideas to the world. When if you caught me in real life you would find that I can be rather timid.

I like sleeping.


Because if you sleep long enough, you dream.

In dreams nothing makes sense, there are no laws or rules. True, there might be a sense of reality, but generally speaking, my mind can create a novel experience.

When I shut down my computer and face the world I clock into a minimum wage sales based job.

The bottom of the totem pole.

Thus is why I love splurging my madness onto the screen because within the confines of these lyrical lines anything is possible.

Carrying that mindset into the world is the challenge.

Will I rise to it today?

Considering that half of the day is over, I am going to say no, but I still got time.

As always Ladies and Gentlemen,

Be Bold,

Live Creatively,

Hang Tough.