You Always Have the Ability to Make Good Choices

Life acts. You have the ability to make choices and react.

We all make CHOICES.
Your CHOICES affect you.
My CHOICES affect me.
Can your CHOICES affect me?
But how YOU react is YOUR CHOICE.

Power to Make Choices

We have amazing autonomy in our lives. There are times when we are saddled with situations that seem unbearable and that life has taken our ability to choose from us. We are forced down a path where choices are made for us, unfairly stripped from our grip. Have we lost our ability to make choices in these situations?

I often say now I don’t have any choice whether or not I have Parkinson’s, but surrounding that non-choice is a million other choices that I can make. — Michael J. Fox (tweet this)
geralt / Pixabay

What a great point. What a great example. When one choice was taken away from him, he chose to focus on the things he “can” control in his life.

Mom Was Right

I don’t pretend to be the best example for this, only the fact that I recognize this and am working on it myself.

When I find myself angry at a person over a situation, and then harboring and carrying this anger, I recall my own mother’s opinion,”Being angry at someone does not hurt the other person, it only hurts us.”

Of course, she was right (as moms usually are).

chiplanay / Pixabay

Easier Said Than Done

The things happening around us are many times out of our control, but how we react to these events is up to us. Easier said than done.

I don’t pretend to have the whole “choices” thing figured out. I still have my challenges (ask my wife). Between my wife and my mother, they have a pretty good hold on my choices-portion of my brain. I just need to learn to start with good choices, not consider what I should have done.

Oh well, still learning and growing. Good luck to you and a day of good choices!