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I can feel the sun beating on the sand around me. Fortunate for me, the brim of my hat is keeping its rays from burning my nose and cheeks, my neck, and stinging my eyes.

I glance around, barely moving my head, there’s sand forever. And when I say forever, I mean, “For — Ev — Er!” The bonus of a private beach. No one for miles. Maybe even further.

“Hello!” I yell at the top of my lungs, then listen. I tilt my head upward, projecting my voice in every direction and picturing it flowing up like a fountain…

Does it feel more and more like your family is being pulled in 100 different directions? And do all of these directions headed in the opposite direction of your family unit? Here’s five ways to bring your family closer together.

  1. Dinner time.
  2. Support family members at events.
  3. Hold a weekly family night.
  4. Take your family out to dinner.
  5. Model the behaviors you want to see in your children.

1. Dinner time.

If you were to ask me what is the single-most important way of keeping your family together and growing them closer I would have to say that it’s Dinner Time.

It’s not…

Raising five boys to be gentlemen was certainly a challenge for my wife and me. Here’s 8 important life lessons to teach boys before handing them off to their future spouses:

  1. Stand up to shake hands.
  2. Greet guests in your home.
  3. Offer their seat.
  4. Open the door for others.
  5. Put the toilet seat down.
  6. Serve others.
  7. Table manners.
  8. Respect other’s beliefs and stand up for your own.

1. Stand up to shake hands.

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but more than anything it’s a sign of respect.

When someone approaches you, with the intent to shake your hand, the first thing…

Furthering your education, really. Free classes from well-known colleges and universities. Enjoy…

One thing I found in retirement, besides being busier than I thought I would be, is my insatiable wanting to continue to learn. My variety of interests leads me to the problem of chasing “Shiny Objects”. Let me explain…

In the Disney movie UP, there’s a dog named Doug. The dog has a voice box around his neck and you can hear exactly what he’s thinking at every second. This is amusing, but sadly we have something in common.

During the movie, Doug will get involved with something that really needs his focus, but his attention will be jarred away…

Okay, this may be a little misleading. Using a Google Calendar may not automatically help you enjoy your grandchildren more, but there are two definite benefits to using a calendar (any calendar) to take control of your life:

1. Use a calendar to free up your mind.

Is my doctor appointment on Thursday or Friday?
Did I agree to watch the grandkids at 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. on Saturday?
Am I meeting my daughter for lunch this week or next week?

Me and My Grandson

My grandson sleeps comfortably, nestled in the crook of my forearm. I gaze down at his face, no lines of worry on his forehead, his lips pursed, occasionally his mouth nurses on the absent bottle, but most of all I notice his little nose.

That little nose hints of his father, my third son. That same nose is reflected in the mirror when I shave. It’s similar to the nose seven hours away on my father’s face. And no surprise, I can recall the resemblance on my grandmother’s face–my father’s mom.

Your children, they’ll get over it.

Remember when your kids had their first child and you reached out to hold him/her and were met with, “Could you wash your hands first?”

Your kids did their best to read every available article about parenting. They bought books, scoured the internet, joined groups on Facebook, and watched documentaries about raising children.

You’re Not Alone

Do you suffer from SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome)? If so, let’s commiserate.

Shiny Object Syndrome is also known as…”Squirrel!” Yes, it’s the ability to be easily distracted no matter what you’re in the middle of at the time. It’s a blessing–and a curse.

What do you see from where you’re standing?

Staring at the picture on my computer screen, it donned on me the power of perspective while interpreting its contents.

The image was of several children swimming and playing in the water.

Perspective: 40 years ago

Swimming in Affiliate Marketing

“I’m going to make so much money on this affiliate program!”

Or so I thought.

One thing I discovered, joining an affiliate network to make money is the opposite of getting to inbox zero. The irony is that I spent money to have my inbox flooded with offers from the affiliate network. And did I even make money?

Please, don’t ask me about that.

Rusty Ellis

📚Husband. Father. Grandpa. Author of "Picture Perfect Murder" a Clean Detective Mystery Series - Crime Thriller. Available on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2S7HSEO

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