Nutter Fort Primary Witch Hunt
Yvonne Loar

Really. Really? I watched it. Saw this article linked in the comments. Read it. Watched it again, hoping to see the rosy outcome you painted. It’s just not there. Autism, no autism. Permission slip, practice, “position to succeed” or not, turkey or native american — NONE OF THIS MATTERS IN THE LEAST. She did a bad thing. She didn’t even look at him as she struggled with the mic. There is no context needed for those 10 seconds. I’m sure there is a fantastic, long backstory, to which you have so generously given us an entirely unnecessary primer. However, she *should* have comforted him on some level, words would be nice, but at the very least, acknowledging his presence when struggling to yank the mic from his hands. Are you seriously saying she didn’t owe him that because he was: actually dressed up as an indian, not a turkey (you know, his aloof parents always getting things wrong!), didn’t have a permission slip, and wasn’t “practiced up” properly for his big line that he (inarguably and irrelevantly) concocted to say on his own. Or are YOU saying she in fact did not owe him that….because he is, you know, autistic. Cause that’s what I’m picking up. And it’s not a good look.

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