Here’s the list of startup ideas pitched at StartupWeekend Chennai 2020 — CEG Version — SW Chennai Feb 21 ’20 was conducted at Feb 21 6:30pm — Feb 23 8:00pm @ Tag Auditorium, College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. Frankly, writing 136 names in 10+ teams was real pain!

A word from the organizer “The Chennai OCC Club is meeting on Saturday 11th May at 6pm at the Orangescape office. If you’d like to attend please register for the meetup. The Chennai Open Club, since 2008 has been an informal support and networking community for Tech Startups and Entrepreneurs in Chennai. Come out, meet and greet the entrepreneurs of Chennai over coffee. This month, we will also have sometime for those who are aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who have product ideas, to pitch (you get 5 mins) and get some feedback. So if you’ve been mulling over something and want to get some thought flowing, don’t miss this meetup!”

A few decades ago, honor used to be regarded a great self-imposed principle. And, you could say chivilary part of the same. With a growing decline of traditional practices in our social culture its obvious the newer generations may perhaps find it hard to relate what the context of the article really implies in its own essence. Years have passed. But, with time, we regard principles lesser as an obstacle. If not principles, what’s your domino? What’s one stopping thing your consider of high importance?

I sense a reason what makes humans adopt the entrepreneurship — survival. Everyone here is hungry. That’s a precise reason why there are no more hot dog eating feasts. Mind’s resilient parasites are greedy for more success, and thanks to a generation of consumers who only measure success with wealth. So, iterating our tag line — Is your idea a bottomless pit? May be! One another reason why your startups aren’t flying charts. How exactly do we draw the line? A: Do the best in what you can.


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