Six Years In. A Few Thoughts on Foursquare.
Dennis Crowley

Swarm — Fail

As soon as Swarm took over the check-in’s on Foursquare I hit the door running. As an early adopter of Foursquare I reveled in checking in everywhere. I would show off to everyone that I had stolen the Mayorship of a location. Suck it Starbucks I stole your top Barista’s check-ins. When Facebook started its check-in feature I laughed and said “Where are the badges?” I needed a stinking badge for checking in! I would even look online to see where I could check in and get the super secret badges, IMMD. Then last year I got the dreaded “This feature is now on ‘Swarm’ go to the app store now to update.” My stomach felt a little kick, like it was going to send all of my lunch into my throat. I hesitantly installed the new app and it was a beehive of suck. I normally don’t mind change, but this was a curve ball of epic proportions. The idea of using Foursquare for information about a place and Swarm to check in? WTF? I then promptly deleted both apps and have not been back. I do miss my level 5 coffee badge though. Since I am still a casual Twitter user I will be interested to see the integration, but I am still trying to scrape the mayor sticker off of my car.

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