You have dreams. BIG dreams. Living in that huge house with your beautiful family. Traveling the world with no financial restraints. Making a huge impact in the world…

And yet the reality seems to be different.

You’ve tried everything, but nothing really worked. You’re still stuck in that unsatisfying job you’ve had for the last 10+ years. You don’t find the “right time” to go on that amazing adventurous world trip. You feel like you can’t make a difference in the world all by yourself. …

Ever noticed yourself having that dream in your mind but never taking action?

The dream doesn’t seem to go away.

You still want to go travel the world with your backpack. Or become your own boss… You still dream of opening a bakery. A design studio. Or being a teacher. You still want to join a volunteering program. Seriously, there are so many unfulfilled dreams… You basically want to be free.

But why is that? Why do we not dare to pursue our dreams?

In my humble opinion, either the vision is not strong enough, the status quo is too comfortable OR both! …

I remember just 2 years ago how freaking lost I was. After several attempts to finally like the new job, new position or new company. Searching for new career directions. Considering going back to studying something.

I failed.

Thus, I also failed in other parts of my life. I was deeply unhappy and didn’t know how to really enjoy my life anymore.

I failed to understand what it was that I wanted.

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy???” I kept on asking myself.

I was hitting the rock bottom when this amazing opportunity appeared in front of me — someone was looking for a client to coach. …

Are you so bored of your life that you can barely motivate yourself to do ANYTHING? You wake up in the morning completely exhausted. Drinking coffee like water hoping that THAT will give the energy you need. Skipping the gym yet again with an excuse “who cares anyway”.

Are you distracting yourself constantly? Comparing yourself to those “successful, happy” people on social media realizing how miserable your life is? Are you binge watching Netflix because that’s how you escape the reality every time you come back home after yet another useless day at work? Are you compulsively shopping online even if your wardrobe is completely full just because that’s the only thing that you can control? …

To illustrate the topic of burning the ships I’d like to share my own story.

When I started side hustling my coaching business I still had a full time job as a Project Manager. Very quickly I realized that this job was draining me. It literally made me feel like I was selling myself to something I didn’t believe in… I was anxious every day before even going to the office. Had nightmares while sleeping. Felt useless in the meetings. Had no joy having empty conversations with colleagues…

Coaching, on the other hand, brought me joy. It made me feel fulfilled, happy and FULL OF ENERGY! I even felt butterflies in my stomach whenever I had the chance to work with my amazing clients. The contrast was unbelievable! …

I see so many professionals in the corporate and startup world who basically hate their jobs. That’s a strong word, I know. According to the Gallup study conducted in 2017, 87% of workers are actively disengaged from their jobs. Aren’t such numbers shocking???

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been one of them. I’ve felt useless, demotivated and unrecognized in my previous corporate jobs. But even if I did feel that way, there was something in me that stopped me from doing anything about it. I didn’t take action to change the situation. I played the victim role.

These were the thoughts in my head back…

I saw signs of a beaver the other day, when I spent an entire weekend in nature.

And there was this one tree that the Beaver was tirelessly trying to cut down.

A very special tree it was. 🌳

The Beaver must have sweated a lot to cut it down…

Hours and hours of hard work. Sleepless nights. Painful teeth.

But the outcome… The outcome must have been incredibly disappointing…

As it turned out — the tree leaned against another tree and didn’t fall down as expected.

I can only imagine how the Beaver must have felt to have finally realized that……

Living in these crazy times might feel like walking through a battlefield. We start ruminating, feeling tense, trying to hold onto things… It’s scary, I get it. But do not worry, you can apply these 4 tips in your every day life to make the best out of the times of uncertainty.


Do you think worrying will change something? Let’s be honest, some things will go on no matter what you think or feel about it. ACCEPT THE FACTS. Whatever it is. It won’t go away just because you are freaking out. You can’t change it and you know it. …

Are you worried about your future? Your job? Your business? Your family? Your wellbeing? The entire economic situation? The world?

I have a secret-not so secret weapon 🔫 that helped me and it might help you too. Just 3 simple steps to not let fear control your daily life.

Here we go:


Not 2 or 3 months. Not 1 year. Not even 5 years. Visualize your life 10 years from now.

Yes, you got it right. That’s quite a long time!

This means DREAMING BIG. Allow yourself to dream big. Get rid of your perception of what’s possible and what’s not for you. Get rid of all your limiting beliefs. Imagine that in 10 years you will live the life of your dreams. Because you know what? 10 years is a long enough time to achieve EVERYTHING that you desire! …

Most of us (if not every single one of us) at some point in our daily lives struggle doing things we’re supposed (or actually want) to do.

We keep on postponing…

Finding “better” things to do…

Like checking what’s in the fridge for example.

Either it is when we need to study.

Do some admin stuff.

Arrange those boring documents.

Start that application process.

Or create the piece of content you’ve always wanted to create.

Or even if it’s just to declutter your basement.

So here are some tips on how to deal with procrastination.

  1. Have a checklist. Do a brain dump to see where you stand: how does the actual To Do list look like. Plus, once you’ll have the chance to check something off — you will feel a sense of satisfaction. …


Ruta Stasiunaite

Life Coach, Personal Development Enthusiast & Forever Life Lover on a mission to help people get unstuck and start TRULY living by unleashing their authenticity

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