User Experience and Information Designer. Understanding design and its many facets. (

“At the core, I think it’s just about problem-solving.”

Phil and I are big fans of The Office, plus I would totally give him that mug!

I have been working as a UX Designer at Thomson Reuters, for the past 7 months. My manager, Phil Tularak, graciously agreed to sit down and talk with me about his UX journey, thoughts on leadership, design practices and how to approach a project.

I hope this interview provides you…

The Office — Season 5, Episode 17 — Golden Ticket


Create a data-driven visualization with Python and R

In this article, I explore one way of visualizing a text dataset using Python and R code. As a user experience and information designer, I wanted to build on my technical skills. I achieved this by combining my “interests” and picking an unusual yet interesting dataset.

After a lot of…


A data-visual investigation into the health and nutrition of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals

How healthy are breakfast cereals?
They’re not.

Photo by Nyana Stoica on Unsplash

Some interesting facts about cereals:

  • Breakfast cereals were invented in the 19th century as an answer to very unhealthy eating habits of the people of that time — and as bland food that will calm the passions, according to the Seventh-day Adventists who invented it.
  • Cheerios were first…


3 practical ways to engage the team in productive conversations.

A beautiful illustration by Meg Robichaud in her story You Can’t Just Draw Purple People and Call it Diversity

“Oh common, not another article on why we must create User Personas! We’ve had enough of that already.”
And you’re right. I don’t want to repeat the stuff that has already been explained so well. …

Ruta Gokhale

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