My Summer with the Donald: An Investigation of Trump’s Strategy
Sofia Lapides-Wilson

Trump is a marketer — and that in itself is not a bad thing. He actually inspires thousands of people to attend his rallies, while he also speaks about more serious economic changes needed and issues which are clearly on many Americans minds. Its not “Dangerous” to want to fix these many issues- clearly we have a gaggle of politicians in DC that have not in years. HRC really has no clue nor a good plan how to recover our sagging economy nor curtail our ballooning debt- and many crises more pressing - like the now collapsing Obamacare. We dont have to love his imperfections, just need to know he will get the job done.

WHATS DANGEROUS — is allowing a perhaps criminal, obviously lying Hillary (whose operatives and supporters have also paid for and orchestrated much of the contrived “violence” you mention) back into office with her impeached husband… for more Clinton Foundation, Chicago Style corruption ad nauseum to be continued?!

You may also want to rethink . that … perhaps I and many others others who see this problem as well … have also moved way past the fourth grade?


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