Every startup has an origin story. Mine started somewhere during my childhood.

Most of us grow up playing a sport that we genuinely love, until life happens and we eventually quit. We get busy and it becomes increasingly hard to find other people within our circle of friends who are able play regularly.

For me, it was soccer. I had a good decade playing in an official league, at school or simply for fun, until an injury forced me to focus on my business career instead. Ten years later, I still miss those days. But I’ve struggled to get…

Taking Risks and Dancing with Fear

Conventional wisdom tells us that decision making should be based on rational thinking, but we’re also advised to listen to our gut feeling.

While I’ve always had good instincts and my gut has yet to disappoint me, there’s another kind of not-so-rational feeling that is much harder to keep in check. I’ve noticed that people sometimes justify fear-based decisions with excuses like “I just wasn’t feeling it” or “my gut is telling me not to do this”.

Your gut is a good instinct and you should trust it. But fear is an entirely different beast. The ability to tell…

8 Things I’ve Learned About Working for CEOs

For most of my career, I have either worked for myself or for a CEO. I have worked for the CEO of a big multinational, a mid-sized company co-founder & CEO, and I’ve been a startup CEO’s number two.

While everyone in business has a boss, reporting directly to a CEO is a completely different experience than reporting to a middle manager or even other C-Suite executives.

Yes, CEOs are people like everyone else with different personalities and leadership styles, but they do tend to share a few traits like being great…

Rute Silva Brito

Business Strategist & Entrepreneur.

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