Rutgers Storms HackPrinceton Fall 2016

by Ben Yang, Rutgers Freshman

Rutgers students have to admit, Princeton runs high quality hackathons.

The food at HackPrinceton was great (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks). The people were fun to talk to. The side events and workshops were diverse and interesting; there was always something to do and explore during all 36 hours of the hackathon.

Unfortunately, my friends and I had a Data Structures midterm on the last day of HackPrinceton and were unable to create anything or work on any ideas, spending all of our time in a seminar room studying Binary Search Trees and Huffman Coding. The hacks that people came up with were fascinating, though (check out more hacks at the Devpost here):

  • Spot-A-Friend uses an Android camera to recognize the faces of nearby people, and notifies the user if any friends are in proximity.
  • Poetic and Intelligent Image Caption generates funny and “deep” poetry for any uploaded image using Microsoft’s Computer Vision API.
  • iCare uses video feed from webcams to determine the emotional state of the user, while analyzing and sending representations of these emotions through music, pictures, and videos.

HackPrinceton was a fun and rewarding event to attend, even if I personally coded nothing. Just being there, surrounded by everyone working and having fun, learning through workshops and having fun through side events, was invigorating.

HackPrinceton will host a hackathon in the Spring, so make sure you don’t miss out on applications for that. PennApps applications are open too, so be sure to sign up for that here!

Happy coding until next time!

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