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Hi there! Rutgers WiCS is now on Medium.

Rutgers Women in Computer Science provides a community in which women feel empowered to create with code. Our network connects female undergraduates to a social community, professional opportunities, and each other. WiCS is open to any student at Rutgers, regardless of gender, who is interested in computer science and supportive of women in tech. As a member of WiCS, you will be able to network with other computer science undergraduate students as well as computer science graduate students and faculty during our events throughout the year.

WiCS writers will pen down their experiences in tech, the Rutgers CS community, internships, research, and other relevant CS/ tech-related topics. The writers serving on our blog committee who will curate amazing posts for this year are Archi Parekh, Caitlin Moy, Bingyi Long, Kristina Kwan, Sofia Khan, Shehneel Ashraf, Catherine Nguyen, Malena Bashar, Ashley Chang, Aisha Humaira, Farah Lubaba Rouf.

Along with our awesome writers, we have our editors who will help out with editing and proof-reading posts: Editors include Kuhu Halder, Jarelle Boac, Catherine Nguyen, Anna Kareeva.

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts!

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An inclusive network of women in tech at Rutgers University seeking a supportive community and professional development.

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