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I write about business, marketing, tech and philosophy. You can read my full, somewhat eclectic blog at

Orion the Hunter is probably the most famous constellation in our skies. Easily identifiable by searching for the three bright stars forming his belt, one star in particular has drawn the attention of those who watch the night skies. The spectacular star sitting at Orion’s right shoulder is called Betelgeuse.

Betelgeuse is a red supergiant doomed to a short life and a violent death — a death which is, in cosmic terms, imminent. It’s one of the largest stars we can see, and the seventh largest in the whole Milky Way at nearly 900 times the size of the Sun…

Black and British: A Forgotten History by David Olusoga was the first book I was ever going to read about the rich tapestry of black British history — so deeply intertwined with the history we are all taught that it isn’t just black history. It’s our history. And understanding black history is crucial for people in a modern society who are fighting for justice, or even who simply want to understand the truth.

Yet, despite this, my first reaction was that it looked long. My second reaction was to call out my white-passing privilege — to see learning about race…

One way or another, metaphysicians have to consider explaining how things come to have properties.

In this blog, I’ll offer a very high level view how universals answer this question and what universals are, and dip a toe into four different ways a philosopher might choose to avoid including them in their ontology.

So, what is it about my banana that gives it its “yellowness”?

One answer: universals

Disclaimer: As a stubborn ontological minimalist, I don’t like universals very much. I find the idea unparmonious since it adds some — if not several — layers of unecessary complexity on top of our best…

Managing isn’t easy. And during a time of crisis, it’s much harder.

In the light of the coronavirus outbreak, across the globe, managers are finding themselves faced with a brand new challenge: managing our teams remotely. We’re navigating the technical aspects, but also the emotional ones.

How do we keep morale high and provide reassurance? How do we support people who might be feeling lonely, helpless, or face financial difficulty?

If you’re asking these questions, that already says so much about the kind of leader you are. And adjusting our approach can make a difference.

I’m no expert on remote…

Being a first-time manager is hard. And no matter how much preparation you’ve done, it’s always going to feel like the deep end. I became a manager for the first time in the middle of 2017. As time ticked by, there were so many times I thought I wish someone had told me this.

So, three years on, I’ve decided to share six of the things I’d known as a first-time manager.

“Trust your gut”, they said…

There’s more to it than that. Don’t take this throwaway phrase at face value. We do need to trust our instincts as leaders, but it is not just…

For some people, something as simple as filling in a form can be a frustrating, demeaning experience. Sometimes something as small as a poorly-designed form field can remind someone of their experience of feeling different, unwelcome or even invalid.

It’s often necessary to get information about people through forms. So it’s important that we take a few moments to make sure we are asking these questions in an inclusive, respectful way.

Over the last couple of years, it’s been part of my job to decide how to build a number of forms where we’ve needed to think really carefully about…

Over the summer, my colleague and I went to the InnovateHer Summit, a meeting of the InnovateHer network to discuss diversity and inclusion in tech. InnovateHer provide educational programmes for girls aged 12–16 to give them the confidence and skills they need to pursue a career in tech.

Amy Lynch, the Head of Diversity & Inclusion at ThoughtWorks was invited to speak on unconscious bias. We learned a few really important things, so I decided to do a bit of my own research, and in turn — since this is such a crucial topic — share it with our community.

We are all biased

The endeavour of discovery is a pure joy. Here are six books that have captured my imagination the most. Without further ado…

1. Other Minds

Peter Godfrey Smith — 2018

Godfrey Smith invites us into a world beneath the waves, where — contrary to what is widely known — intelligent life envolved twice.

This other intelligent life — the octopus — may be the closest we ever come to meeting an alien. A philosopher by trade, he had studied octopuses for years beneath the waves before writing this book. Through this lens, he explores how consciousness, sentience and intelligence fit into our world, taking us back 3.8 …

I was inspired to write this after having spent a good month thinking hard about my company’s brand summary. By some happy coincidence, I also found myself studying a module — as part of a CMI qualification I am working towards — with a section all about mission and vision statements. I wanted to put together a short summary of what I’ve learned in the last few months.

Mission, vision… What’s the difference?

In short, a vision statement is about the effect you want your business to have on some community that you serve. A vision statement isn’t really about your company!

Meanwhile, a mission…

Most of us grew up with the idea of the warp core — the Star Trek universe’s starship reactors which power starships through spacetime, driven by the explosive annihiliation of matter with antimatter.

The stuff of science fiction, yes. However it is factual that matter and antimatter are equally real (although not, as we shall see, in equal quantities). It’s also true that they release enormous amounts of energy when they touch, annihilating each other as they do so.

For every type of particle of matter, there is a corresponding type of particle of antimatter. In most ways, antimatter particles…

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