#GE2017 in Wales: the news we need to know, 28 April

Until the results of the 2017 General Election, I’m going to be flagging up the research, articles and reports we all should (in my humble opinion) be reading to help make an informed voting decision in Wales. Every day I’m going to pull together links to the most important election-related news on the main parties making a play in Wales (Conservatives, Labour, Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrats, Green and UKIP).

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The Conservative Party is trying to parachute candidates from outside into current labour seats Bridgend and Newport West, WalesOnline reports. The news follows the Wales Governance Centre/YouGov poll which found that both constituencies may be won by the Conservatives in the election.

ITV also reported the story.

The campaign chairman for Welsh Labour has said that it will not be making “any pacts, alliances” with anti-Conservative parties to stop the Tories winning seats in Wales.

Caerphilly MP Wayne David told WalesOnline: “This is not being considered because Labour is fighting this election in Wales as Welsh Labour and we are hoping to have success on that basis — not through shady pacts and backdoor deals with other political parties.”

WalesOnline has also put together a full list of Labour’s general election candidates in Wales.

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies has been visiting party stronghold Powys. He told local news paper the County Times, “What the Conservative party does that others don’t, is that we work 365 days a year…Other parties turn up at election time, but we do more than that”.

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