General Election 2017 in Wales: the news to know, 14–16 May

As these posts continue, I think it is important to reiterate that this series is about giving you the facts. I’m not interested in passing on more of the bickering and bantering which puts so many people off politics and voting.

That being said, the Electoral Reform Society has estimated that around 350,000 potential voters are not on the electoral register in Wales.

You don’t have to pay anything, it doesn’t take up a lot of your time, and it may just come down to one issue for you. But if you care about your future, register to vote right now, and make your mark on June 8.

Labour launched may have launched its manifesto today, but so has Plaid Cymru. Rather than reading through brief media coverage, I implore you to take a look at the original source. It’s not that long, or too complicated, and this way you read the plans as the party has chosen to state them, without any angle or agenda otherthan their own.

Welsh Labour leader and first minister Carwyn Jones responded positively to the launch of the Labour manifesto by Jeremy Corbyn — despite previous insistence that Welsh Labour would be distancing itself from the national party. Jones tweeted:

If you’re new to politics and want to know why these manifestos matter, and whether the promises will come true, Patrick Diamond from Queen Mary University of London has written a neat little explainer for The Conversation.

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Until the results of the 2017 General Election, I’m going to be flagging up the research, articles and reports we all should (in my humble opinion) be reading to help make an informed voting decision in Wales. Every day (or so) I’m going to pull together links to the most important election-related news on the main parties making a play in Wales (Conservatives, Labour, Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrats, Green and UKIP).

For more information about why I’m doing this, take a look at my explainer article.

Tweet me @ruth_dawson to recommend anything I may have missed that you think should be included. I want these posts to be open, collaborative, and focused on getting the right information out to the people of Wales. I have no agenda other than helping the people of Wales be more informed about the issues that affect our country, and am staying as neutral as possible in my coverage.