Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset

There are 2 categories of mindsets and they are “Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset.” Individuals are categorized accordingly based on their behavior and reactions to failure especially.

So what is growth mindset? When do we say a person has a Growth Mindset and when do we say a person does not? I will be explaining this concept soon.,

A growth mindset is one that is capable of growing. It is flexible to change and is open to receiving suggestions on how to grow. It demonstrates passion and resilience. It seeks feedback and finds it constructive. It doesn’t depend on its own abilities, but seeks other ways of getting the tasks done better. It doesn’t stick to one thing, but tries new things. It loves being challenged and grows with each challenge. Despite setbacks, it keeps working hard. It is productive.

On the contrary is the fixed mindset. This is totally an opposite of the growth mindset. It is one that is not flexible enough to welcome new ideas that bring about growth. It finds comfort in the way it is and does not seek for or welcome change. It hates challenges and does not seek feedback. It is not ready to go through the eye of the needle. An individual with this kind of mindset is always comfortable with whatever he or she has known and finds it disruptive if they have to welcome new ideas.

I will be sharing a most recent challenging learning experience I encountered. This was actually when I was to take my home study curriculum. At first, I was thinking I could solve the labs on my own and in my own way. I continued only to realize that although my code worked, it was just too long and that would take a longer time to execute.

I eventually had to seek for help from co-applicants to see better ways of solving the labs.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that an individual with a fixed mindset can develop a growth mindset once they are ready to go through that change process. Ability to develop a growth mindset helps good collaboration with teams, enjoyment of life, improves relationships, lowers risk of depression, strengthens confidence, and improves company.

Super Woman | Software Engineer | Tech Enthusiast | Team Player.

Super Woman | Software Engineer | Tech Enthusiast | Team Player.