Not sure chatting with a hobo for ten minutes is necessary to you and your boyfriend’s safety.
Chris Braley

The thing you are missing here Chris, is that women get assaulted and killed for walking away or telling a man to “screw off.”

Then there is this part of your statement, “Worst case scenario you lead the catcaller on and he does something desperate when you finally work up the nerve to mention that you have no interest in a chat.”

Lead the catcaller on? Really? Don’t you realize what you just said? It bears a remarkable resemblance to the idea of a woman as a tease, leading a man on sexually and then leaving him with blue balls. I hope that is what you intended and this is just clumsy phrasing.

Say it with me now — it is NEVER the fault of the person who is harassed or assaulted. It is not their behaviour that is the problem. It is the person who harasses and assaults that is the problem. Full stop.

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