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Always be careful what you wish for! Republicans won, Paul Ryan won and now the country expects him and the venerable (look it up and laugh!) Majority Leader McConnell to do SOMETHING! Sitting on your ass for 8 years should have produced at least some ideas, if the day ever came that you could be in charge of everything, White House, Senate, Congress! OOOOOOOOH! What? Not fun? Not having fun? The country made a huge mistake! Now, you get to do what you promised. And it isn’t going to be easy. The guy you put in the White House doesn’t how to do it. The guy’s cabinet is defective from the Attorney General to possibly putting Palin in charge of the VA. Now, you get to bring them to the well and do the vetting. Find out if they’re suitable for prime time. Good Luck, Leader Ryan. You are not ready for what’s going to happen. It will be a small victory to have Trump screwing up everything he touches and you paying the consequences but it’s already on your doorstep.