Get your inspiration on!

Why not intuitively unleash your inner creative?

Whether your bent is science or soul, you need inspiration to sweeten life and career.
Wondering how to access your inner wisdom? If you know how to trigger, recognize & remember fleeting flashes of insight, they can change your life.

As an intuitive guide for people and pets, I inspire clients to discover, notice & record those insights.
I also empower folks to autonomously create & capture their brilliance with 24/7-readiness.

Why? Because we’re all intuitives, Dorothy.
You’ve always had the skill, just perhaps not the belief that you can access intuitive insights. The ruby slippers don’t have an instruction manual. They don’t teach this stuff in school. But you can do it; I can help.

Arianna Huffington, in her book “The Sleep Revolution”, advises to keep a dream journal (and a pen!) by your bed.
Seriously, do it! In those moments when an intuitive guide like myself isn’t present to enhance & highlight your flashes of insight, you must be ready to record them for yourself as they arise.

Got an Ah ha! moment in the middle of the night? In the shower? In the garden?
Have paper & pen or your smart phone handy. Personally, I prefer kicking it retro with a journal for a few reasons. Ideas flow better on paper when you’re recording them on the fly or if you’re half awake. There’s no gadget on/off fumbling delay. Plus, you’re more likely to unplug to review journal writing in the future. That’s when you’ll discover a written yet forgotten gem; it made no sense then but is wildly helpful now.

Ruth & her intutive muse, Rusty

I offer brand new intuitive services designed to guide you to life revelations.
Often, your pets and the bonds you share with them are excellent conduits in this healing, creative process. Of course, I’m still helping people & their pets as a science-based, positive behaviorist with 25+ years’ experience. Thankfully, I’ve found the balance of science & soul in my life & work. I’m thrilled to blend all aspects of me into the unique methods & services I offer as an Intuitive Pet-life Guide (IPLG).

Life is an integrative balance, yes?
I believe life is sweeter-easier when you acknowledge and use all of your skills & inspirations — whatever their source. Let your dreams, your intuition, your gut instincts, synchronicities — inspirations of all types, from the least expected walks of life — be your guides. Trust & believe. You’ll be better for it!

“Life lived authentically is all the sweeter.” ~Ruth Hagen, Writer & Intuitive Pet-life Guide (IPLG)™ for The Soulful Pet

“Yours is the truest dream, because it had immediate effect in your waking life.” What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” ~Rumi, “Three Travelers Tell Their Dreams”

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