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18 People of Color to follow in 2018

Now you can’t say “I didn’t know” | co-authored by Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros

In a world that is over saturated with media, it’s easy to miss voices who may not *quite* have the public eye. All the critique of faith communities and the changing spiritual landscape leaves a lot of people wondering where do we go from here? However, there’s lots of truth being named, shared and spoken in these Trumpian times.

If you’re looking to find some clarity beyond the noise of the White Evangelical torrent, here are some great voices that have their ear to the ground on what faith looks like in various communities of color. They aren’t just the future, but are here now and will continue to shape faith by building upon the work of their ancestors and relearning what it means to follow Jesus.

  1. Khristi Lauren Adams | Twitter: @KhristiLauren

Khristi is an author, speaker and advocate. She holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, is ordained with American Baptist Churches and is passionate about mentoring and empowering girls. She founded the Becoming Conference and wrote the .

2. Dominique D. Gillard | Twitter: |

Dominique is the Director of Racial Righteousness for the Evangelical Covenant Church. His work is fueled by his passion about the intersections of race, faith and culture. In addition to writing he is also a speaker, activist, and trainer. He is also the author of the forthcoming book

3. Marlena Graves | Twitter: @MarlenaGraves | Facebook

Marlena is a contemplative Latina who is passionate about faith, justice and family. Her writing will push you to think more wholly about faith and challenge your views of justice. She wrote (2014).

4. Hyepin Im | Twitter: @Hyepin |

Hyepin a mastermind of faith-based economic development. Her civic engagement and community organizing has led her to be a US Presidential Appointee to Board of Corporation for National and Community Service. She is also the CEO of Faith and Community Empowerment (formerly KCCD).

5. Ruth Anna Buffalo| Twitter: @rabuffalo |

Ruth Anna is the Outreach Director at and also does consulting with the Sacred Pipe Resource Center. She uses her background and passion to build capacity in communities for change and advocate for wellness in food systems and improve the quality of life in tribal communities.

6. Elaina Bueno| Twitter: @elainabueno |

Elaina is fiercly committed to womens rights and Executive Director of Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Her shenanigans have included (but are not limited to) dressing up like a as a demonstration for reproductive rights.

7. Karen González | Twitter: @_KarenJGonzalez |

Karen is a voice that advocates against injustice and is passionate about empowering and supporting immigrants. Karen loves of baseball, her kitty and teaching. She is a mujerista and co-hosts .

8. Judy Wu Dominick | Twitter: @judydominick |

Judy Wu Dominick is passionate about investing in her local community. She is committed to living out justice and mercy in the spaces she inhabits and the relationships she cultivates. She is a writer and musician and seeks to help Christians engage better across racial, socioeconomic, cultural, and religious lines.

9. Liz Lin | Twitter: @curiousLiz |

Liz Lin is the co-host of the , and helped start one of the largest Progressive Asian American Communities on Facebook. She contributes to the Salt Collective and has been featured at the .

10. Lawrence Richardson | Twitter: @Larry2_0 |

Lawrence Richardson is a writer, speaker, transgender advocate and pastor with the United Church of Christ. He believes in the power of storytelling as a way of creating understanding. A self proclaimed digital evangelist, he is passion about seeing people embrace the power of God in them, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

11. Brandi Miller | Twitter: @BrandiNico |

Brandi Miller is in campus ministry and passionate about practical theology, deconstructing white supremacy evangelical spaces and social justice. She has contributed to severals blogs in addition to maintaining her own blog —

12. Mark Charles | Twitter: @wirelesshogan |

Mark is the author of the popular blog and serves as the Washington DC correspondent and regular columnist for . He helps others understand how to include, work with and respect native cultures in their work and activism. Mark is also the founder and director of . His book, Truth Be Told, will be available later in 2018.

13. Lisa Colón DeLay | Twitter: @LisaDeLay |

Lisa DeLay is a broadcaster, creator, writer, teacher (adjunct professor at Gratz College), graphic designer, mother, wife, friend, techie/nerd, learner, lucid dreamer, and passionate creative collaborator whose curiosity fuels her creative endeavors, interest in people, love of friendship, continual intrigue regarding the human experience. Her projects center around the desire to facilitate dynamic connections for healing in the world at large.

14. Michael Jimenez | Twitter: @mikeets14 |

Author of , Michael teaches history and theology at Azusa Pacific University through a postcolonial lens and liberation theology. His writing and research challenges us to think about how we understand Church today.

15. Robert Chao Romero| Twitter: |

As pastor, Robert co-directs the ministry of Christian Students of Conscience together with his revolutionary wife Erica Shepler Romero. C.S.C. is a grassroots organization which trains and mobilizes students in issues of race and social justice from a Christian perspective. You can learn more about his work at .

16. Sierra White | Twitter: |

Sierra White is the Founder/Creator of Ezer Rising. She is the Worship Director and on the Leadership Team at her home church. She is passionate about seeing women walk in their identity as daughters of God, calling out the Deborahs and Esthers, and working with victims of sexual abuse.

17. Carlos A. Rodriguez | Twitter: |

Carlos is passionate about reaching the world with God’s radical love. He is a provocative preacher, pastor, teacher, and who serves the local church and loves to be among prisoners, young adults, and anyone who dares to think differently.

18. Renita Weems | Twitter: |

Rev. Dr. Renita Weems is a highly sought after speaker and theologian whose scholarly insights help us modern faith and womanhood. Rev. Dr. Weems has written many books on theology including (Simon Schuster) which won the Wilbur award from the Religious Communication Council.


As we continue the conversation and add to the integral lists of voices, we urge you to form lists of your own. These lists are not meant to exclude, but rather to amplify, to spotlight, and to provide a starting point to continue to magnify people of color doing exception work in Christian spaces.

stay woke. don't normalize oppression.

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