Good read.
Ryan Laird

Thanks. I think you’re off the mark on the condition of the sport and the overall tour prize money, but then you may have missed the really dire years when there were only about two sponsored events and WPBSA money was all the tour had. As I said in the piece, I didn’t go into the 147 debate because it’s been done at length; it used to be you could insure against them being made – you can’t now because they’re too common so of course the result is less prize money. People have made them for the glory of when the prize money was a lot less than the £12k on offer this week. The cult of O’Sullivan and lack of snooker knowledge among the press has led to certain myths being propagated. The standard of the sport is amazing now and there are lots of brilliant players which is why I recommend true O’Sullivan fans pick a few others to support.

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