Happiness 3428, our Immigration Journey…the path that led me to San Diego

My journey to the USA and our life together began before I even imagined my life with #thenoteguy. I was living in Palma, Mallorca which is one of the Spanish Balearic islands. I’d started my own startup company about 2 years prior, and I was ready to leave the island in search of a bigger network, challenge, and if I’m completely transparent…I needed to leave because I’d been in an on/off relationship with a Spanish guy for over a year and I knew that I needed to put a huge distance between us so that we wouldn’t continue more on/off.

So on one fateful night with tear filled eyes I’d headed out to meet some girlfriends at a local wine bar, as it was ‘nit de art’ which is a special annual event in Palma where all the art galleries open their doors to the public. It was a great atmosphere. And whilst I tried to hide the fact that I’d been crying from my friends, my good friend Gee knew all to well that I needed a good glass of wine, she’d seen the situation time after time.

Walking through the cobbled streets of the Old Town, full of people, and the slightest tinge of winter in the air. It was 18th September 2014. My friends were bumping into other groups of friends, and we trying to stay together as a group, but at the same time we were trying to enjoy the art of the evening.

Checking out the contemporary art on Nit d’el Art, Palma Sept 2014

I later got chatting to a really outgoing American guy who was living in LA, I think he was a Life Coach. So I asked him on spec that if I was to live in the USA based on my 5 criteria of:

  • good surf
  • year round sunshine
  • low humidity
  • ecstatic dance / yoga community
  • a place that I could get around on a bicycle

He said ‘San Diego’. I later bumped into another American guy, David Lurey, a well known Yoga Teacher that I was friends with, and asked him the same question. His answer straight away was ‘San Diego’

I took their advice, and after flying over to Ft Lauderdale for some business at the boat show, I then took a further flight to San Diego.

Arriving into SD was a huge thrill…I’d arrived on one way ticket, with one bag, and a life of possibilities ahead of me. Gently blowing palm trees welcomed my arrival, and I woke up the next day to the warm dry air of SD.

Waiting at Ft Lauderdale airport for my flight to San Diego…the start of something beautiful :)