What Is Disability Devoteeism?

Through an unusual turn of events, I’ve been working in the porn industry for the past few years (To be clear: I make porn, but I don’t star in it).

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned by being around literally hundreds of thousands of candid horny people is that no matter what you look like, you are *someone’s* type.

I don’t mean “someone will put up with you.”

I mean “someone out there is *specifically* attracted to the way that you look. They go out of their way to find people who look *just* like you.”

Are you fat and pale? Someone is into it. Really into it. And for a lot of those people, it’s not a domination/humiliation thing. Their brain is just hard-wired to find you attractive. They look at you the way you look at beautiful people.

Are you skin and bones? Someone is into it. Really into it. Weird teeth? Too hairy? Goofy nose? Conventionally ugly? Someone is into it. I promise.

And the number of *someones* is usually higher than you’d expect, and contains a larger number of conventionally attractive people than you’d expect.

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash Able-bodied and disabled people out drinking together

Who am I to be explaining this?

Here are some things that I have found:

There is some very bad behavior out there

Dating a devotee is not a guarantee of success

Dating a devotee is not a guarantee of failure



Author of (W)hole, the only novel about a disability devotee by a disability devotee. Dedicated to destroying abelism in all forms!

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