Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

When your mind is blank and there are no words to say;

When your mouth is dry and your eloquence fails you;

When your oratory graces dry up and you fall short of your mastery;

When the standards you have scaled time and time again like a valley suddenly become a mountain before you. It subtly erupts with volcanic ashes that seemingly drown you in their fiery wrath. Your confidence slowly ebbs away like drops of blood and you hope that the ground will open up to bury you six-feet within its depths like you never were but then every eye in the room is fixated at you, waiting, wondering…..


Remind yourself of your beginning, your little successes from the start and how each stone you have upturned over time has formed the bedrock of the platform you are on today. If you could do it then when there was no point to prove, how much more now that there is a cause to live for. Don’t do it for what the world has to offer, do it for the legacy you owe the world. History will ask you and trust me; you don’t want to fail history.


You can do this. Do it.