“The Weather Where I Am Not”

Ruth Polleit Riechert
Feb 8 · 2 min read

Interview with Michal Raz, Graduate of Slade School of Fine Art, London, about her current exhibition at art space NEXUS, powered by RPR ART

Works by Michal Raz at NEXUS artspace powered by RPR ART; Image Copyright RPR ART

Ruth Polleit Riechert (RPR): What was most important to your artistic career in 2019?

Michal Raz (MR): When I reflect on the year that has passed, so many things happened. I guess the most important thing is the development of my practice, finding new ways of expression and being present in the dynamic process. One important experience I had was taking part in a two person show in Mumbai, India. I am very grateful for all that has happened in 2019, and curious to see what 2020 will bring.

Works by Michal Raz at Mumbai Exhibition

RPR: What is the title of your exhibition and why?

MR: The Weather Where I Am Not. This is the name of the series. In short, it has to do with migrating from Tel Aviv to London.

Michal Raz in her studio in London

RPR: Anything you would like to express with your artworks?

MR: I am interested in creating physical structures, which obscure and reveal one another, break established orders and that is simultaneously lyrical and awkward, arbitrary and purposeful.

Works by Michal Raz at NEXUS powered by RPR ART; Image Copyright RPR ART

RPR: What are your plans for 2020?

MR: At the moment I would like to focus on making a new series of works. I have a few shows planned and I am feeling very excited!

Please visit www.rpr-art.com/public-exhibitions for viewing the exhibition and contact us at contact@rpr-art.com if you are interested in any works by Michal Raz.

Copyright RPR ART 2020

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