Written by Scott Green.

Co-signed by: Morgan Queeny, Alex Coughlan, Hayley Little, Kenny Cooke, Ciara Murphy, Meave Arnup, Megan Brogan, Raymond Fox, Adhna Nic Dhonnchadha, Mark Graydon, Oissine Moore, Eoin Walker, Roshan George, Finn Mac Muiris, Charlene Rodriguez, Nicola Murphy, Kayleigh Hogan, Laura Doyle, Seoirsín Bashford, Connor Coates, Deborah Malone, Sabrina Vaughan, Ciaran Guy.

Poor communication with students.

A seeming unwillingness to listen to the student body in its entirety.

Far reaching decisions made in meetings that only a select few have access too.

These are just some of the qualities that, this year, the Union and the University have shared. It has been…

by Morgan Queeney. Published also to USI’s mental health blog.

Sometimes I’m really shitty to myself and I’m not sure why.

Like, I know why I think I am. It’s because I’m shit, or I’m stupid, or I’m socially awkward, or I’m mean, or whatever whatever whatever the fuck.

But I don’t actually know why I’m shit to myself…

Ruth Queeney

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