Days 1–2 of honeymoon.

As I’m not that organised I’ve started writing this blog three days into the honeymoon already, so I’m going to have to fill you in on two days worth of activities at once.

I have no idea if anyone will even care about reading these however, I have surpassed 30 likes on my previous post so I’m clearly moving up in the world. Either way, it will be a nice way to remember this time and look back on it in years to come. (#Cringe?)

So without further delay I will tell you all about our journeys. On Sunday 2nd August around 5pm we left for Gatwick airport where we were staying overnight. The traffic was bad the whole way, although I did get to stop at a service station, and for anyone who knows me knows that this is basically the best thing that can happen on a road journey. Easily pleased.

Once we arrived at our hotel we subtly slipped in that we were on our honeymoon and they went and upgraded us to a club room. This was a fancy room, no idea why it’s a club. Am I meant to join a club to get it? Either way, huzzah!

We then got up at 5am and headed to the airport. We parked our car and queued to check in. This was a long and dull queue with much of it spent being annoyed that a lot of other people had my yellow suitcase. It’s like with a yellow car, you think they are rare until you get one and then you notice they are actually everywhere.

Anyway, onto departures. Always a fun experience including a breakfast bagel at Wetherspoons. Yummers.

We boarded the flight and settled into where we would be sat for the following 10 hours. I watched a lot of breaking bad….The choice of films on the aeroplane was poor but at least it was some entertainment. The company I was currently holding was not living up to expectations to be honest ;). I must say, he was an excellent shoulder to lean on.

I realised about half way through the journey that I was going to have to overcome my fear of aeroplane toilets. On the usual 3 hour flight to Ibiza I can hold it without having to endure the terrible feeling that the flusher in the toilet is going to suck me into oblivion and chuck me out the bottom of the plane however, the 10 hour flight was too much for my bladder. I made robin walk me to the toilet, after all, couples who wee together stay together :) and I am pleased to say I survived, and I am pretty sure I deserve a medal.

Following our flight we made it through customs (I was really scared of this, with the infamous drug cartel and all that) but we were outside of the airport and we had made it! I wanted to go back inside to be honest, much too hot for my pale skin! Our private taxi transfer took us to our hotel which had this big grand entrance that made us feel important. Cool.

Once we had arrived and checked in we went to our room. Queen size bed? Check. Hot tub in the room? Check. Balcony? Check. Good view? Check. All inclusive Mini bar? Check. Wardrobe? Check. Table? Check. TV? Check. Towels? Check. Mini shampoo? Check. Shelves? Check. Safe? Check. Pillows? Check. Floor? Check.

Most of those things are not important and you won’t care about them but I just wanted to test how loyal you are and see how far you would read. Thanks if you made it to this point and did not give up at the lengthy first hurdle!

Anyway, it was late and we were tired so we popped off to bed.

The next day was our first experience of the hotel and the surroundings. It is easily the most fancy place I have ever been. The hotel is incredible and is full of drum kits and clothing from bands like the Beatles, System of a down, the Police, the Rolling Stones and Rush. No sign of Kanye though which is weird seen as he is the biggest living rockstar on the planet. Perhaps the hard rock hotel think that they aren’t rock enough for Kanye and wouldn’t want to embarrass themselves by attempting to show any sort of tribute to him.

We can’t get used to the 5* treatment. People are just too nice to us. We had breakfast at the buffet and once we were on our walk back to our table, literally about 5 meters away someone came and took our plates and carried them to the table for us. To be honest, I was glad. We are far too good to be carrying our own plates!

There is even a waiter service at the poolside so I don’t even have to get up to get a drink. My drink of choice appears to be strawberry daiquiri and I have not batted an eyelid at the fact that my first drink has been before 11am each day.

The night times have consisted of dinner and a couple of drinks before bed. To be honest the jet lag has hit us hard and at 9pm it’s actually 3am at home and we are tired! Same goes for the morning, love waking up at 5 am because my body thinks it’s 11am. Cheers body clock.

Day 2 started off really sunny and hot and then shit the bed, thunderstorm! It was the biggest fork lightening I have ever seen and to be honest it was pretty impressive, if not a little scary. Once the sky had stopped crying we went back out into the sun and resumed doing absolutely nothing.

I’ve read a whole book in 2 days. The fault in our stars is a very good read and I would implore you to buy a copy and read it. How good.

So here I am on day three, sat by the pool in the sunshine. I am very conscious that this blog is not as funny and interesting as the last one but I’ve enjoyed writing it :-).

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