Seeing as my blog last year was so well received I’ve decided to write one for our holidays this year too. Sorry not sorry to all of you who did not enjoy it last time.

The first of our adventures in August begins with centre parcs.

So I had the day off yesterday which was spent seeing my nephew and eating lunch whilst waiting for robin to finish work for his two week shutdown.

Once robin arrived home at roughly 3pm we loaded the car and realised we had packed probably too much for a three day weekend but proceeded to load it in the car anyway. I had hoped Robin would finally put some diesel in our shared car that I drive everyday and Robin barely uses but I was not so lucky…

Glenn got in the car with joy but he had no idea where he was going. Because we are good dog parents we booked a holiday that he can join us on. Kudos to us.

The journey to centre parcs was about three hours which we spent listening to the chart show with Greg James and wondering why Ellie Goulding would ever dump him….

Once we had arrived, we made our way to our home (isn’t it weird how everyone calls it home when they go on holiday even though it’s not home at all)

First night was barbecue night and we proceeded to the shop to buy a barbecue because I am bad at packing and I couldn’t find the ones we had already bought (I also forgot a lot of other stuff but how was I meant to get it right on my own?! I needed my partner in crime to help!)

Once the head chef (Robin obvs, I can’t barbecue) ((perhaps that’s why he won’t buy a barbecue for home because he’s worried the world can’t handle his culinary genius)) had cooked us up a good dinner we walked Glenn :-)

We met some characters along the way, two of which were two kids who told us they had just seen a wolf man come out of the woods and stalk them….. Not sure whether that was true or not, but we told them to “not get snatched” and carried on.

Glenn enjoyed his walk as there was lots of rabbits to chase and a weird hedgehog that had really long legs, it’s unconfirmed that it was actually a hedgehog but Robin insists it was….

We then settled in bed watching Scott pilgrim vs the world and drifted off to sleep for our day ahead.

Our day ahead consisted of the following:







I’ll talk you through them in more detail (you can scroll through if you don’t care, it’s your loss)

Swimming! I am not a strong swimmer so we had a splash around in the pool before taking on the water slides. Said water slide was terrifying, it went dark so I closed my eyes, where it was still dark, terror does odd things to you.

Once I had escaped, we went to the apple strudel pool (it’s sprudel really but I like apple strudel more) and took a dip in the plunge pool. This was cold. I did not have fun. We left. Sad.

The rapids were next. The Rapids were terrifying. The Rapids stole my bikini top and left me vulnerable and exposed. The Rapids pushed me in the opposite direction than I was supposed to go. The Rapids fed me a lot of water. The Rapids were awesome.

Once we were nice and hungry we went to the pancake house. I had a stack of pancakes with chocolate sauce, toffee sauce, chocolates and cream and I regret nothing. Robin had bacon and maple syrup. Snooze.

After this we went ‘home’ (see above) and walked Glenn, watched some more film and got ready for badminton. Turns out I am actually really good at badminton and after being beaten by Robin in the first round, I smashed it by winning 12-11 in the second half. I would like to point out that at one point I was winning 9-2. Robin didn’t even let me win, he promised.

I was sweaty by this point so we got a cider and played arcade games. I won’t tell you how much we spent because it’s slightly embarrassing.

We played sonic and Mario Olympics and I was pretty rubbish but it was all fun and games. (Actually games, arcade games)

Now I’m ‘home’ (see above above) and Robin is currently making me my second barbecue. I knew there was a reason I married him….

I've just had a break to eat my barbecue and sneaky fed some chicken to Glenn…. Robin noticed. I’m in trouble.

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