My world is small here, but it feels so deep. 
To the North, I walk 2 minutes to school…
to the South, 2 minutes to the dyke over the river…
to the East, I walk towards the sunrise over the water…
to the West, towards the sunsets over the pines and tamarack.

but looking inwards, 
I hear the stories
of lost hope and college dreams
of traumas and healing
of families being torn apart and coming together,
of boredom and purpose.

I watch them construct all the new houses…
filling in the void of condemned houses from this flood plain; 
an old student and resilient soul among the crew…
reminding me of how far he’s come 
and of my journey walking along beside him.

I see the wedding announcements on Facebook,
watch the children play in the playground,
see kids throwing rocks by the river, 
stay out to watch the Aurora dance,
walk next door in any direction and find a coworker, a comrade, a friend, 
watch the puppies and Chakabesh run free,

and I feel the depth of this small remote town I live in and the world I’ve entered into, far greater than meets the eye.