“Run like Trump is trying to grab you by the p — -y,” says one sign.

“Rare Pokémon 18 miles ahead,” says another.

Motivational words like these line the streets, as New Yorkers gather along the 2016 New York City Marathon’s course.

This will be Anna Wildman’s first marathon. The 24-year-old began running her junior year at Pennsylvania State University after gaining 15 lbs. Barely able to run 20 minutes when she first began in 2012, she now runs two to three hours daily. She’s even run in Japan where she spent a portion of her childhood. …

The Women’s March took over Washington D.C. one day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Anti-abortion activists descended on the National Mall on January 27th, just one week after the Women’s March where many pro-lifers were shunned. Protest signs at each event confirmed the rift between both facets of the women’s movement. At the March for Life, posters declared, “Pro-Woman, Pro-Life” and “Thank You Mom for Being Pro-Life,” a stark contrast from the previous week’s “Don’t Booby Trap my Uterus” and “Keep Your Mitts off my Lady Bits.”

But prior to both rallies, pro-life groups offered an olive branch when two organizations, New Wave Feminists and Students for Life of America, asked to participate in…

Photo Credit: Kimberlyn Kossovsky

Backstage at the Richard Rodgers Amphitheater, a man languidly plucked his cello while dancers sprawled out on the floor stretching their legs. They were getting ready to perform at the Harlem Arts Festival.

The annual celebration in Marcus Garvey Park featured local up and coming artists who don’t have stages uptown to showcase their work.

The few spaces that are available, such as the Apollo Theater and Harlem Stage, are union houses that charge exorbitant fees most new artists can’t afford, said Chelsea Goding, who helped launch the festival with two friends in 2010.

Union houses not only have high…

Solomon and Kuff, on 133rd Street in West Harlem, mixes pan-Caribbean tastes and European gastro pub style food.

A dash of green tea syrup, a splash of vermouth and a shot of Hendrick’s gin. Bartenders vied to create a host of new drinks in this month’s Uptown Battle of the Bars, highlighting the cultural cocktail of Harlem’s emerging restaurant scene.

As apartment rents soar in other parts of Manhattan, Harlem has seen an influx of bargain-seeking residents with disposable income — and a wave of entrepreneurs eager to feed them.

Countless food bistros and bars have opened across the neighborhood since 2012. In Central Harlem one can find Japanese food at Yuzu, Italian a few blocks away at…

The city’s public housing authority, known as NYCHA,
has strict rules regarding air conditioners.

Inside the Drew Hamilton Houses on 143rd street and Seventh Avenue, a woman laden with groceries struggles to wipe sweat from her cheek as she waits for the elevator. Fed up with waiting, she heads for the stuffy stairwell, which reeks of ripened trash and stale urine, intensified by the burdensome heat that hovers over the city.

Outside, a jovial scene of damp children running around an open fire hydrant to keep cool belies the stark reality of the effects of climate change, in the Harlem community.

Climate change hits poor communities the hardest, particularly in New York where the…

Economists and politicians applauded when a recent study showed that Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. In New York, the City Council pointed to its record of creating business programs geared toward women for this increase in entrepreneurship.

The city has indeed created a slew of business education programs and organizations such as the Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE), the Women Entrepreneurs New York City, and the Minority and Women Small Business Development Center.

But there has been little mention of the financial struggles Black women face when trying to build a sustainable business in…

Ruth Umoh

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