Gardener’s Journal: A brand new start

Although we tend as gardeners to love working in our created spaces, occasionally we will eye a place and think…we need to start over here. This summer of intense warmth and warm rains to follow have provided the perfect conditions to begin a new chapter in the outdoor space. Not that we need a new place to grow, but it seems we (or perhaps I mean me) cannot just leave the spaces as they are.

Design calls and thrills, creativity abounds in the hot days and humid evenings. And I cannot let myself prune and propagate unless I have a space for the new growth. As my sister reminded me…you always have room for more plants. And it would seem, less grass to mow!

So in these moments of growth, the summer colours of vibrant daylillies and asian lillies and their perfume fill the air and the sights. The trimming of the flowers of the hostas has begun. The bees have taken all they need from these wonderful border plants and now the plants need some tending for the next growing season. Those fragile spring annuals have filled out in full summer bloom and remind me that I do need to blend my perennials with annual colour to complete the design. This year we added tomatoes and they have brought not only texture but also harvest. I think we are eventually going to be blending our veggies and herbs in with the flowers for the best gardens. Not only do these have support qualities, but the combination of leaf and variety of size and shape has an appeal to the eye. We might have just stumbled in our design desires to a new way to garden in urban spaces.

I move furniture indoors to clean up and give my space a refresh and I suppose I move and design outdoors for the same reason. To try new combinations and just to see what I can learn in the process. So as the summer continues forward, I hope you will give some designing ideas a try. You might just find a whole new view and path to growing…keep growing my friends