Gardener’s Journal: Be home grown…

Locking the door at the greenhouse this late afternoon my last glimpse for the weekend was a lush carpet on the raised beds of seedlings in full growth. Just a few weeks or less since transplanting and my the size ! The growth and budding of spring always amazes me, no matter how many times I witness it.

All those vegetable plants will be sold and planted in just a few weeks. They will bring joy and harvest to apartment dwellers, to householders, to the community gardens and to the food bank when we begin to bring in the extra produce of late summer. Seeing that carpet of green potential reminds me that growing your own, or home grown is still the best life choice.

In our greenhouse we do not use chemicals and we actively struggle with pests and other problems. Maybe the chemicals would make it less work, but this way we know that we have a pure growing experience. We know the soil, we know the seeds and we know the way to pure food. We know when we pass along our plants to families and others that they are truly organic and safe. This takes work and lots of effort, but in so many ways there is great satisfaction in offering a healthy product and this healthy choice.

Time is a great inhibitor in our lives. It takes plenty of time to properly plan and grow the ‘home grown’ choice. In a busy world, this effort may not be as easily done and that is okay…that is why there are greenhouses that will do that healthy choice and growing for you. My dad used to say to me “anything worth doing will take the right amount of time.” So true and so apt when it comes to growing and maintaining the best standards.

So, if you are what you eat…I hope it will be homegrown!

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