Agile methodology. Kanban vs Scrum. JIRA terminology

Agile Product Ownership

Backlog Grooming — Estimating the value and size of stories, prioritizing, splitting called. Example: Every Wednesday from 11 to 12 (team + stackholders)

In backlog — highest value stories should be first. Then bonus features.

When we ask experienced product owners how to succeed, they usually emphasize — Passion and communication

“Product Owner” should focus Build the right thing (new features). “Development team” — Build the thing right (bug fixes). “Scrum master” — Build it fast.

Our goal — reach the desired outcome, using the least possible output.

If the team accumulating technical debt — if they are not writing tests (bog down to manual testing) and improving the architecture , then they get slower and slower, burn chart curve will gradually flatten out.

Difference between Scrum and Kanban

Scrum team

1 — Teams with Target deadline (Fixed date — Release)

Quantity of work they get done. Day when it’s releases more important than what in it. One thing is broken — I need to move that date

2 — Organise your prioritized list in batches called Scrum.

3- To do list — you decide to do in the sprint

4 — Plan mode (Backlog)

Kanban team

1. They don’t have target date

How many tickets of them are done by next Friday is less important than to make sure that they in right order and team working as fast as they can. Plan mode is out.

3 — To do list — Going forever

Scrum (more details)

Daily scrum — fast paced stand up meeting 15 min (obstacles, ensure team in sync)

Sprint retrospective meeting — what went right and areas of improvement

Jira terminology:

Sprint — a group of stories that will be completed in some amount of time, usually 1 -2 weeks

Epic — large body of stories, contains stories

Story — The smallest unit of work. Also known as a task


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