HTTP, HTTPS protocols. HTTP methods. API

HTTP protocol (How works):

Protocol — (when people communicating — they use same set of grammar, same language). When 2 applications are communicating they use same set of rules — Protocol. Browser can speak HTTP, FTP (for transferring files), Websocket protocol .

HTTP transaction — Request/Response transaction

  1. When user enters URL and presses enter — Thats create HTTP GET request
  2. Fills in a data entry form and clicks “Submit” button — creates GET or POST request (depends how form is constructed)

Web client not only browser — any application who can speak with server (cURL, Telnet)

HTTP requests:

  1. GET — give me some data

2. HEAD — return metadata (headline, subject line). Returns header information, without response body

3. POST — add to service side DB

4. PUT/PATCH — update this data

HTTPS protocol

You were required to submit information like your password, credit card number

HTTPS = HTTP + SSL (secure socket layer)

Cryptograpy = Plain text (Something about Mary) -> Cipher text (hh4Sh!jH…)

API — something that allows one piece of software to talk to another

API allows one piece of software talk to another.

Representational state transfer (ReST API) — Google, Twitter, Instagram etc

Call — from Client to a Server and get data back over HTTP protocol


JSON — javascript object notation

Authentication — twitter (oauth or oauth2)


REST API concepts and examples

What is HTTPS?

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