Test conditions of mobile testing. Emulator vs Simulator

Specific test conditions of mobile testing:

  1. Interupt conditions (Incoming message, Call)
  2. Battery (Different Level)
  3. Carriers testing,
  4. Many devices (iOS, Android, etc)
  5. Security (data leverage — isn’t leaked from log files).
  6. Emulator vs device. Popular cloud based emulators — Saucelabs, Browserstack

Nice to have most popular smartphones for testing.


Usability and the User Experience issues probably occur more often than compared to iOS. Because of different manufacturers

Emulator vs. Simulator

In wikipedia: Emulator emulating soft, Simulator — simulating hardware and soft (closer to reality).

In real: Emulator — Android Studio. Simulator — Xcode

Simulation = For analysis and study

Emulation = For usage as a substitute


How to get logs:


Android Emulator (How to use)