One life to live no excuses to give

Something unusual, maybe extraordinary, weird or something like that just happened to me while I was just unveiling the best thoughts from an article regarding some general topic . But whatever it was, it was just a, you know, a... Umm... A strange willingness to work on something interesting, something full of words and which would just be a great treat to your day.

Often in the journey we all come across different people, places etc etc etc. All are meant and sent for us to be taught something, to explore and to experience. We are so busy with work that we never actually are keen about some of the things coming across our voyage.

My dad always keeps on saying me that " Do you? Can you? Won't you? You shouldn't !! You won't be able to...." And blah blah and much more. I just try to ignore it. I try to push myself harder and harder to prove myself. But somewhere in the back of my mind I know that, that's exactly what my dad wants me to do. Even I was never keen on observing life; actually believing in it. But they say, it takes just a moment to change the story,to change your story. And it actually did. I like reading books. Reading, like, actually I like to go into the world of the writer's/author's work. One such legendary writing is by J. K. Rowling . Yep, The Harry Potter series. There are many such who can just drag us into their wordy-world. Robin Sharma, is one such writer. So the part comes here, that moment which changed my story was a book. I got so much into that book that I was forced to not keep the book aside even for a few minutes. I just wanted to know, what next? What next? A philosophical guide by Robin Sharma 'The monk who sold his Ferrari'. It actually taught me life, trained me a living. I was introduced to Benjamin Franklin then. I was, I mean still am, so much influenced by the way he explained life that I actually felt that 'why not! I can! I read many of his recommendations too after that.

We actually just need that one moment to review our lives. We can truly appreciate it and change it the way we want to. Just a glance of that moment, recognise it, follow it and grab it. Maybe not always a book but some other element may be your turning point !! Look forward to live the life you are offered. And always remember that THIS LIFE WAS GIVEN TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO LIVE IT.