WiPy getting started

What is this “WiPy”?

WiPy chip in center with Apple USB adapter as reference.

The WiPy development ABCs

  1. Get to know the board
  2. Connect the WiPy to local WiFi
  3. Setting up file editing and uploading
  4. Learning how to do basic operations such as rebooting and reading stdout.

The WiPy board

Connect to local WiFi

cd flash
send boot.py
FTP upload of new “boot.py” file to WiPy.

Safe boot

Pull up pin 28 during boot to go into safe boot and bypass “boot.py”.

FTP upload

IntelliJ remote host

WiPy IntelliJ remote host config, password is “python
IntelliJ WiPy remote host advanced settings. FTP connection limit is set to 1 because the WiPy only supports a single FTP connection at time of writing.

lftp upload

#!/bin/bash# Save as file upload.sh
# first argument is WiPy IP
lftp -u micro,python $1 << EOFcd /flash
put main.py
 sh ./upload.sh



Actual coding

Hello world

sh upload.sh

Hello world pin

Where to go from here




Full stack developer and IoT enthousiast.

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Ruurd Moelker

Ruurd Moelker

Full stack developer and IoT enthousiast.

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