“Immortality Drive”: A Time Capsule Carrying ‘Immortal DNA’ That’s Safeguarded On The ISS

Sakis Ruvas
Jan 19, 2018 · 1 min read

When Richard Garriott traveled to the ISS in 2008, he decided to carry along the so-called ‘immortality drive,’ a microchip specifically designed to function as a futuristic time capsule should a catastrophic event happen on Earth. The Immortality drive includes a list of some of humanity’s greatest achievements; as well as messages and writing from Earth. The time capsule also includes the digitized DNA sequences of countless personalities from Earth, from Professor Stephen Hawking, comedian Stephen Colbert to Garriott himself.

The natural human impulse of life and subsistence has been shaped through cultures at every moment of history. Evidence of that is our civilization. If we look back at history, from the first cave paintings, o the most advanced scientific research, man has always sought immortality. We looked at the Gods as immortal beings, powerful deities and we’ve always wanted to be like the gods. Immortal. Powerful. Untouchable. Preserved in the universe for an infinite time.

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