UberOps Approved for Federal Business

After months (and months) of hard work compiling documents to prove our worth and experience in healthcare IT, UberOps can finally say that its services are available through the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 Contract!

For Some Backstory

The General Services Administration offers centralized procurement for the Federal Government. Many state and local governments also use the GSA Schedule to find qualified vendors with whom they can do business. The GSA vets the company and negotiates the prices in advance so that government entities can ensure that they are doing business with highly qualified companies and getting the most cost-effective service. In addition to the Federal Government, many government entities primarily use the GSA Schedules for procurement. UberOps is extremely happy to be one of these companies.

Specific to Our Scope of Talents

The GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract consists of goods and services specific to information technology. This schedule is divided into multiple Special Item Numbers (SINs) that describe particular categories of work based on industry needs and sectors. UberOps is pleased to have applied for, and have been approved as qualified to perform, IT Professional Services (SIN 132 51) and Health IT Services (SIN 132 56). Though several thousand companies have been approved to work through GSA for Information Technology, a very small segment of those companies — only a few hundred in the country — are approved to work in Healthcare IT Services.

These categories are a little broad, so you might be wondering what services UberOps performs under each of these SINs. We have been providing Data Integration services to the Department of Health of Florida for Flu, HIV/AIDS, and other areas for over 10 years, building and maintaining a healthcare data platform and several applications for the Association of Public Health Laboratories for almost as long, and serving a slew of other private healthcare practices in between thanks to referrals from happy past clients and software providers.

The Process

Though this process was long and laborious, we are grateful for the shortened procurement cycles that we see in our future. With all of this vetting and background checking out of the way, we will be able to fast forward through negotiations and investigations next time an opportunity for us to provide great healthcare IT services presents itself. In addition to this, in our line of work, we are always generally in favor of any system that works to ensure compliance, as GSA’s service does.

The Outcome

This outcome is a wonderful step forward for us, but we realize that the process to apply for acceptance onto the GSA Schedule is not feasible for companies of all sizes. Being a small business made it difficult at times for us to prioritize the application process, as some of our team members had to dedicate several hours per week over the last 8 months gathering customer testimonials, calculating price lists, and filling out lengthy questionnaires. We are lucky to have the resources to have been able to see this through, not to mention a dedicated and efficient team.

Since we know how difficult it can be to make this happen, UberOps is interested and willing to partner with select companies in pursuit of the exciting opportunities offered by the GSA Schedule. We welcome any inquiries, so if you believe you have identified an opportunity and are interested in working together, simply shoot us an email at sales@uberops.com to get the ball rolling.

For more information on the General Services Administration Schedule 70, visit https://www.gsa.gov/schedule70 .

For more information on Schedule 70 sectors and a list of SINs, visit https://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/188085 .

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