This is me sharing my experience with all those thinking about running a startup while holding a full-time job.

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There many ways to go about getting funding for your business, however many of the startups will go through the bootstrapping phase and this can last longer than 2 years or shorter depending on vision as a founder, the space you’re in and for many others reason, failing to raise the needed funding being one of them.

For me, while starting the entrepreneurship journey together with my co-founder Mugambe Daniella Asher at Teheca we knew that raising the necessary funding for…

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Two years as lead for Teheca, a patient care service start up in Uganda has taught me alot in the entrepreneurship world.

It goes with out saying no one can teach you how to be an enterprener nor can you say you know how a business works if you have never ran one.

Reading articles on line on how to get up and running, how to make you first million dollar blah blah, all these are good for motivation and as guidelines to follow but just like when you embark on a jouney into the unknown you reach a point…

Ruyonga Dan

C.E.O & Co-founder at Teheca. A Tech-Health start up in Uganda that helps connect families and individuals to qualified patient care assistants.

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