Bernie Or Bust People: Wake up, You Were Conned
S. Novi

Based on your last paragraph your not too different from the BernieOrBusters describing in your article and unwilling to see any flaws in the candidate that was Clinton. Is a little tiring to see people blaming everything and anything except the candidate herself and the campaign she ran, which she now finally admits herself was flawed. She had the most progressive agenda in history, yet she couldn’t energize people to vote. Maybe because she spent more time talking about why you shouldn’t vote for Trump than why you should vote for her? She get get message out enough. She didn’t really have much of a message, tbh. It seems “In a woman and Trump is bad” really resonate.

Clinton thought she had it in the bag and this campaign as much as she should have. It was hubris that did her in.

Drudging up those conspiracy theories as if those are the things that Bernie supporters didn’t like about her is an easy way to paint them as delusional, but that just being disingenuous. As is pretending the BernieOrBusters are the only ones who didn’t turn out for her.

Lastly, Bernie supporters aren’t extreme left. They’re just plain left. You’re just not really used to leftist views in the US. You could certainly argue that they’re fanatical though.