First: Psychologists all agree that ‘cult behavior’ is extreme, so your argument fails.
S. Novi

First: Yes, all cult behavior is extreme, but in the political spectrum, the terms extreme left and extreme right have very specific meanings. They’re not about displaying extreme behavior, they’re about having extreme beliefs.

Second: It is not a redirect. Your article seemed to take the explicit position that the BernieOrBusters were THE reason for Hillary losing the election. I was pointing out that they were not. For the most part, Hillary was THE reason she lost the election.

Third: Yes, you’ve laid a nice trap there at the end that paints everyone who argues your article as just one of the “ brainwashed cult-followers.” Except, you know, I am no BernieOrBuster, am in fact vehemently opposed to that whole movement, and think anyone who claims to be on the left that didn’t vote for Clinton is a inexplicable moron.

How do you not see the irony of those final paragraphs? Let’s talk about having a disconnect in critical thinking and having ears closed to everything and anything that disagrees with them. How about the people who put the blame for the loss everywhere but on the flawed candidate who felt like she had it in the bag and ran a shitty campaign?

And let’s not even start about name-calling tactics.