The futility of asking a man what he is thinking

Okay, allow me to reveal the mysterious male brain… Most of the time, we’re just not all that conscious about our thoughts. So when you ask us, we don’t really know the answer, so either our minds try to come up with something — usually something that has been on our minds, but probably not at that moment — or we just say “nothing.” We’re daydreaming and your question wakes us up and we forget the dream.

Your question surprises us because we’re not used to someone asking it. Men don’t communicate that way with each other. We don’t ask each other about thoughts. We don’t think about thoughts. If we have a thought we want to share, we use our mouths to verbalize it. When we have a moment of silence, we don’t wonder what the other guy’s thinking, were probably just trying to come up with something we want to talk about. Actually, that’s probably true for most moments of silence we have with women too.

In post-coital bliss, let’s be honest… We’re not thinking anything at all. We’re just trying to sleep.

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