The Art Tunnel: the World’s Largest Collective Artwork

Rudolph van Valkenburg
6 min readJul 4, 2023


Discover the new Billboard Art Show by Expometro featuring 800+ artists from around the world.

Record Breaking

🖼️ Largest Collective Artwork: 1327 unique artworks
👩‍🎨 Largest number of artists: 837 artists
↔️ Longest billboard: 180 meters
🌍 Most nationalities: 39 countries
🎉 Largest inauguration: 200+ artists present
📢 Most media: TV, press and social media

The Art Tunnel — Expometro Barcelona official video

The Art Tunnel has been viewed by 400,000 commuters from 15–28th June 2023 in Passeig de Gràcia Metro station at the heart of Barcelona.

The most incredible opening

Expometro Barcelona opening Live on Instagram

What a surprise when we entered the tunnel during our Instagram Live to discover that over 200+ artists joined us for the official meetup.

Artists from all over the world came especially for the event: Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, New York, California, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Iran, Libya, Guadeloupe and many more!

In addition, 100 artists were also connected on our Instagram to follow the event Live.

The artworks were displayed in 3 parts inside the tunnel on 60 meters billboards for each part.

What people say about Expometro

Watch what commuters think about showing Art on the walls of the metro.

Live testimonials by commuters about Expometro Barcelona

“Art boosts your self-esteem, your energy, your mood.”

“It gives life to the city.”

“It inspires to see the metro with so many colors.”

“It changes your routine.”

“It makes this long and sad journey happier.”

“Instead of advertisement I prefer to see Art.”

“It’s better for your soul.”

“Cultural activities are expensive for young people, so it’s amazing that we can all enjoy this exhibition.”

“It breaks my routine and makes my day more interesting to look at so many artworks one by one.”

“You couldn’t use the space any better.”

“It’s enjoyable and at some point something will catch your eye.”

What artists say about Expometro

Watch live testimonials from artists who were participating in the opening of Expometro Barcelona at Passeig de Gràcia.

“It’s amazing and so exciting. It’s a fabulous opportunity for everyone to show their work (…) and reach a lot of people.”

“I am delighted to participate in this event with 800 artists coming from different countries.”

“Everyone can have access to the Art.”

“Thousansds of people can see it and I love it.”

“The concept of replacing advertising with Art, I think that’s great.”

“Fantastic new experience, really happy to be here.”

“Seeing ads creates a lack inside, but when we see Art it nourishes our soul.”

“To be able to share with artists from all over the world, show our work and be seen by thousands of people, it motivates me to keep doing this.”

“It allows me to transmit my message to the whole world.”

“It’s a lot of pride for everyone.”

“I am delighted to be surrounded by all these works of art.”

“Thank you very much Expometro for giving us this opportunity to make it all visible.”

“It gives me a great sense of warmth and love of being with all the artists. We are kind of connected.”

“I have done several (Expometro) before, and I have been delighted with the way it’s displayed and the conviviality between all the artists. I intend to continue.”

“I encourage everybody to go and invest your Art in the Expometro.”

The Art Tunnel in the media

Expometro on Spanish TV Betevé

Barcelona Television Betevé made 2 Live broadcasts on TV and social media to cover the event.

A few articles:
- BETÉVÉ — “The art tunnel” converteix el passadís del metro de Passeig de Gràcia en galeria d’art
- BARCELONA SECRETA — El transbordo de Passeig de Gràcia se convierte en una galería de arte
- METROPOLI — Una estación del metro de Barcelona se convertirá en un gran museo
- TMB Noticies — El passadís de metro de Passeig de Gràcia: una galeria d’art immersiva
- Hong-Kong News Blog

A new Collective Art Movement is rising

Expometro is revolutionizing the traditional exhibition concept by allowing artists from all horizons to unite their Art within unique Collective Artworks. Each collage of artworks is showcased on giant interactive billboards at iconic locations around the world.

Expometro is offering more than just incredible public exposure to artists. It is a whole new experience that creates powerful bridges between artists and people. Local and international artists connect to each other and transform the way how people discover Art directly in public spaces.

QR codes allow people to discover instantly the artworks on virtual billboards with direct links on each artwork to the artist’s website or social media.

A unique NFT Art Collection Co-Created & Co-Owned by Artists

Each billboard is a unique Collective Artwork NFT minted on Opensea and auctioned during the show. The goal is to split 95% of the earnings between the participating artists.

This new form of Collective Art is a powerful game changer:
💎 Artists can create together and co-own valuable Collective Artworks.
💎 Crypto-collectors can own a unique NFT composed of hundreds of artists from around the world, instead of buying an artwork by a single artist.

📈 The value of each Collective Artwork is the sum of all individual artworks together. Top rated artists support other artists by making the value go up.

“This is the future” says an artist in front of the billboard during Expometro New York 2021.

Going Web3

The goal is to welcome the crypto-artists community in participating in Expometro and support traditional artists in selling their Art as NFTs.

Artists will soon be able to connect to Expometro with their crypto-wallets and mint their Art directly within the virtual billboards.

About Expometro

Expometro Paris 2020

Barcelona is the 9th edition of Expometro after Paris, London, Berlin, Monaco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami Beach.

Since 2018, Expometro
🖼️ replaced 1,367m2 of ads by Art on 124 billboards
🌎 in 9 cities and 6 countries on 2 continents
👩‍🎨 showcased 5,897 artworks by 3,483 artists from 50+ countries
👀 generated 5.5 million Art views in outdoor public spaces.

Our vision is to transform urban landscapes by showcasing Art by independant artists everywhere in public spaces and have a positive impact on people in their daily life.

Thank you to the thousands of participating artists who are supporting our mission to make Art accessible to everyone in outdoor public spaces.

We are a Global Collective Art Movement open to everyone that is revolutionizing how artists exhibit, promote and sell their Art directly to people.

We will continue to make your Art travel around the world. The adventure has only just begun. Join us 🎨 🌊🌊🌊