The impostor syndrome

Do you always have the feeling or the idea that other developers are better than you? I think that especially in the software industry this is a common problem.

In many challenge or assignment whether it’s for work, or our private life we got the feeling that we aren’t good enough to do it. There’s always that voice in your head that says: “Someone else is way better at that task, why do you even try to match it.” If this is something you’ve encountered you’ve got the Impostor Syndrome.

How you think developers think about your code . (source:

Software moves fast and every day there are getting new frameworks, features and other libraries added to the internet. You are constantly faced with new things that you don’t know but you are supposed to know as soon as possible. And even when you know how to work with it, there is already a new technology that is supposed to be better.

Developers think they have fewer skills and all the others are better in programming or problem-solving. Sometimes you’ve just got the feeling that it is easier to give up than even try.

We create this unhealthy picture of what others could possibly do better or what skills and talent we are lacking in comparison with our colleagues. Writing code for open source project is even scarier. The whole world can see the code and critique you on it.

There are so many developers out there who can write that piece of code 10 times better than you’ve just done. That’s one of the feelings that crosses you mind. In reality, your code is great and there are many developers out there who are looking for that piece of code that you’ve just written.

Impostor syndrome is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. ~Wikipedia

How to conquer it

The only way to conquer it is to man up. You are good at what you do! You are an artist and your job is to make amazing things. Every day you are improving your skills and you need to know that. Sometimes the opinion of other people can be scary, but you only know what their reaction to your work is going to be if you put it out there.


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