It as been more then a year since my story was told. During that year I was following the Presidential elections, debates, and world news. I had my Third Heart attack and was sidelined for a while. I wish I could say it was caused by poor diet, genetics, laziness, and my diabetes. Instead, I rather point to the stress of this election year, and who was running for President. The person I voted for didn’t win. The person I felt was not good presidential material won. We all know who that was. I am still stressed out worrying about the countries future with a president at the helm who has no concrete political experience on any level. Nor does he have the demeanor and the political ethics to deal with world leaders, local and world press, and the people of this nation.

What he does have is a very blunt way of sharing his opinions, and a vocabulary that uses and repeats the same message over and over. Which leaves the listener with the feeling that “We have heard this before”. The first time was enough in telling us how he feels about the press, “Fake News”, Very Very fake news, and his unsustainable accusations against his rivals and Democrats. We have also heard the constant verbiage about immigrates and how they are criminals and all need to be exported, and his solution is to build a border wall that will be to tall to climb and cross over. Lets not forget “How Mexico is going to pay for it”. His first attempt at playing President was to put an immediate travel ban on several Muslim countries because he see’s them to be a hot bed of ISIS terrorist. Apparently ISIS in his vocabulary is the same as saying Muslim, and all Muslim nations are or breeds ISIS terrorist. The travel ban was to prevent terrorist from entering this country. The ban lasted as long as it took for a Federal Judge to put a stop to it.

The President speaks out before he even thinks about the consequences or that there is undeniable facts to support his claims. When the press breaks the news about new problems in the White House, the President’s retort takes us back to “Fake News” created to sell papers and has no merit. Again we get this broken record response that all press is his enemy, and he has banned some of the biggest press figures from the White House. His way of saying “I don’t like you and your Fake News is not allowed in my White House”. Then turns around and allow them back when it suits his needs.

The latest nonsense from the White House resident is that the previous administration namely Obama, wiretapped Trump Tower during the election. Apparently he woke up early in the morning and twitted this revelation without giving any facts to support it. Actually, the president is very very fond of his personal Twitter account and using it to get across his agenda’s. Now as I look at it, personal Twitter usage by the president is no different then using a personal email account, and we know where that got Hillary C.

We read, watch or hear daily the major News reports and how many of our respectful reporters, anchors, and the long established Editors have to say about this President and his unorthodox methods. Again I need to say, this president is inexperienced as a political figure. What he really is, is a Billionaire with experience as a wealthy individual who made his money in property investment, building four star hotels and restaurants, Golf courses, and foreign property investments. Never has he ever been an elected official in any capacity.

His only capacity is to be wealthy and appoint Billionaires to his Cabinet. Which most are not politically savvy or have any related experience in the post they are confirmed in. For some reason the president wants his crones along side of him as if he needs their moral support or is it something more nefarious we have not managed to connect the dots together yet. What we know is that this president isn’t making friends and his world view is creating rifts with our allies. What is the total picture here?

Donald Trump is and has continued to hoodwink the people with his constant accusations, finger pointing, unsubstantial claims, and misdirecting the people with his constant twitting about “Fake News”, Russia’s involvement in the election and after the election. Hot one day cold the next when it comes to claims, and assassination of character and honesty of the press. These tactics are used to confuse, and tie up our nations leaders in the constant shuffle of defending Trumps claims or refuting them. Misdirection is a tactic usually meant to avoid the truth or hide the truth. Used to cover up facts, and mask weaknesses, mental instabilities, and character flaws. To hoodwink the people is to create an illusion to convince the people to believe one thing while in reality there is standing in front of you a deep pit that you can’t see, but are asked to walk forward which in actuality you fall in the pit to your death. Like blinders put on a horse to keep the horse running straight unaware of the other horses or obstacles on either side of him. The horse runs the race blinded to the reality of what is the truth or what is false. This is tactics Trump appears to be a master in. Like most magicians, they have something up their sleeve they don’t want you to see. Hoodwinked we are and it is time we pull the hood off our head and see the truth around us.

Robert D. Vergeson

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